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2021 Publications

Our award-winning faculty members publish in journals and books on a wide variety of topics and interests. A sampling of TELS publications from 2021 may be found below. Authors are listed alphabetically by last name.

2021 Books

Barnes, E., Grifenhagen, J. F., Dickinson, D. K. (2021). More Than Words: Academic Language in Early Childhood and Elementary Classrooms. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.

Hollebrands, K. F., Anderson, R. K., Oliver, K. M. (2021). Online learning in math education. Springer.

Manfra, M. M. (2021). Action research for classrooms, schools, and communities. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

2021 Journal Articles

Allen, K. A., Gray, D. L., Baumeister, R., Leary, M. (2021). The need to belong: A deep dive into the origins, implications, and future of a foundational construct. Educational Psychology Review.

Alston, C. L. (2021). Teaching models of disciplinary argumentation in middle school social studies: A framework for supporting writing development. Journal of Writing Research, 13(2), 285-321.

Alston, C., Bausell, S. B. (2022). Why is it so hard to reconcile disciplinary literacy and antiracism?: Informational texts and middle grades English Language Arts. English Teaching: Practice and Critique.

Boulden, D., Rachmatullah, A., Oliver, K. M., Wiebe, E. N. (2021). Measuring in-service teacher self-efficacy for teaching computational thinking: Development and validation of the T-STEM CT. Education and Information Technologies.

Byrd, C. M. (2021). Cycles of Development in Learning About Identities, Diversity, and Equity. Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology.

Carrier, S. J., Grifenhagen, J. F., Scharen, D. R. (2021). Touch, Talk, Text: Practices that support both reading and science instruction. Science and Children.

Charalambous, C., Praetorius, A. K., Sammons, P., Walkowiak, T. A., Jentsch, A., Kyriakides, L. (2021). Working more collaboratively to better understand teaching and its quality: Challenges faced and possible solutions. Studies in Educational Evaluation.

Chen, G. A., Marshall, S. A., Horn, I. S. (2021). ‘How do I choose?’: Mathematics teachers’ sensemaking about pedagogical responsibility. Pedagogy, Culture & Society, 29(3), 379-396.

Davis, D. S., Samuelson, C., Grifenhagen, J. F., DeIaco, R., Relyea, J. E. (2021). Getting KnERDI with language: Examining teachers’ knowledge for enhancing reading development in code-based and meaning-based domains. Reading Research Quarterly.

DeIaco, R., Samuelson, C., Grifenhagen, J. F., Davis, D. S. (2021). Using insights from teachers to inform online professional development in early reading instruction. Literacy Research and Instruction.

Gonzalez, M. E., Clark, M., Barker, A., Byrd, C. M. (2021). Examining the Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions of 4-H Professionals Related to LGBTQ+ Youth. Journal of Youth Development, 16(5), 193-211.

Goodwin, A. L., Lee, C. C., Pratt, S. (2021). The poetic humanity of teacher education: Holistic mentoring for beginning teachers. Professional Development in Education.

Gray, D. L., Toren, N. K. (2021). Pre-service teachers’ desire to control bias: Implications for the endorsement of culturally affirming classroom practices. Learning and Instruction.

Hartley, J., Stevenson, K. T., Peterson, M. N., Busch, K. C. R., Carrier, S. J., DeMattia, E., Jambeck, J., Lawson, D., Strnad, R. (2021). Intergenerational learning: A recommendation for engaging youth to address marine debris challenges. Marine Pollution Bulletin.

Hollebrands, K. F., West, H., Elrod, E. C., Faulkner, V. N. (2021). Considering Connections Across Research Questions, Data, Methods, and Claims. Mathematics Teacher Educator, 9(2), 91-93.

Hunt, J. H., Martin, K., Patterson, B., Khounmeuang, A. (2021). Hunt, J. H., Martin, K., Patterson, B., & Khounmeuang, A. (2021). Special educators’ knowledge of student mathematical thinking. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, 1-18.

Faulkner, V. N., Hollebrands, K. F., Elrod, E. C., West, H. M. Equity, Identity, and Power Focus Issue, Editorial. Mathematics Teacher Educator.

Fitzgerald, J., Relyea, J. E., Elmore, J., Hiebert, E. H. (2021). Has the Presence of First‐Grade Core Reading Program Academic Vocabulary Changed Across Six Decades?. Reading Research Quarterly, 56(4), 737-759.

Fitzgerald, J., Elmore, J., Relyea, J. E. (2021). Academic Vocabulary Networks Matter for Students’ Disciplinary Learning. The Reading Teacher, 74(5), 569-579.

Jiang, S., Tatar, C., Huang, X., Sung, S., Xie, C. (2021). Augmented reality in science laboratories: Investigating high school students’ navigation patterns and their effects on learning performance. Journal of Educational Computing Research.

Johnston, K., Omogun, L., Lee, C. C. (2021). From New York City to the World: Examining Critical Global Literacies in an English Language Arts Classroom. Journal of Research in Childhood Education.

Kerkhoff, S., Falter, M. M. (2021). Going the distance: Using Flipgrid to mediate race discussions across two young adult literature courses. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 21(4), 589-625.

Kim, J., Relyea, J. E., Burkhauser, M., Scherer, E., Rich, P. Improving elementary grade students’ science and social studies vocabulary knowledge depth, reading comprehension, and argumentative writing: A conceptual replication. Educational Psychology Review.

Kim, J. S., Burkhauser, M. A., Mesite, L. M., Asher, C., Relyea, J. E., Fitzgerald, J., Elmore, J. (2021). Improving reading comprehension, science domain knowledge, and reading engagement through a first-grade content literacy intervention. Journal of Educational Psychology.

Lee, C. C., Dufresne, K., Relyea, J. E. (2021). “They are Doers”: Writing to advocate with immigrant youth in community-based organizations. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy.

Lee, C. C., Falter, M. M., Alston, C. (2021). Antiracist teaching in English language arts: Toward a full humanity for all students. Language Arts, 99(1), 56-59.

Lee, C. C., Goodwin, A. L., Akin, S., McDevitt, S. (2021). Teachers for immigrant students: A systematic literature review across U.S., Turkey, and Hong Kong. Teachers College Record, 123(12).

Manfra, M. M., Hammond, T., Coven, R. (2021). Assessing computational thinking in the social studies. Theory & Research in Social Education.

Manfra, M. M. (2021). Issues and opportunities in the digital transformation of social studies instruction. Social Education.

Marshall, S. A., Buenrostro, P. M. (2021). What Makes Mathematics Teacher Coaching Effective?  A Call for a Justice-Oriented Perspective. Journal of Teacher Education.

McAvoy, P., Hunt, T., Culbertson, M., McCleary, K., DeMeuse, R., Hess, D. (2021). Measuring student discussion engagement in the college classroom: A scale validation study. Studies in Higher Education.

McAvoy, P., McAvoy, G. E. (2021). Can debate and deliberation reduce partisan divisions? Evidence from a study of high school students. Peabody Journal of Education.

Mulvey, K. L. S., Joy, A. J., Caslin, M., Orcutt, D., Eseryel, D., Katti, M. (2021). Forests After Florence: an informal community-engaged STEM research project promotes STEM identity in disaster-impacted students. Research in Science and Technological Education.

Oliver, K. M., Wiseman, A. M., Greer-Banks, C. (2021). Preparing Educators for Culturally-Responsive Teaching Through Technical Cultural Representations. Journal of Applied Instructional Design

Pearson, J. N., Meadan, H. (2021). FACES: An Advocacy Intervention for African American Parents of Children with Autism. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 59(2), 155-171.

Pesout, O., Nietfeld, J. L. (2021). How creative am I?: Examining judgments and predictors of creative performance.. Thinking Skills and Creativity, 40.

Refvem, E., Jones, M. G., Rende, K., Carrier, S. J., Ennes, M. (2021). The next generation of science educators: Museum volunteers. 33(3), 326-343.

Saleem, F. T., Byrd, C. M. (2021). Unpacking school ethnic-racial socialization: A new conceptual model. Journal of Social Issues, 77(4), 1106-1125.

Saleem, F. T., Legette, K., Byrd, C. M. (in press). Examining School Ethnic-Racial Socialization in the Link between Race-Related Stress and Academic Well-Being Among African American and Latinx Adolescents. Journal of School Psychology.

Spencer, D., Nietfeld, J. L., Cao, L., DiFrancesca, D. (2021). Exploring the interplay between attributions and metacognitive monitoring in a post-secondary classroom. Journal of Experimental Education.

Stevenson, K. T., Szczytko, R., Carrier, S. J., Peterson, M. N. (in press). How outdoor science education can help girls stay engaged with science. International Journal of Science Education.

Thomson, M. M., Gray, D. L., Walkowiak, T. A., Alnizami, R. (2021). Developmental trajectories for elementary novice teachers: Teaching efficacy and mathematics knowledge. Journal of Teacher Education.

Wiseman, A. M., Atkinson, A. A., Cryer-Coupet, Q. (2021). “As We Talk About This More, a Box Opens Up ”: Family Literacy Programs for Fathers in Treatment for Substance Use Disorder. Journal of Adult and Adolescent Literacy.

Wui, M. G., Zhang, J., Relyea, J. E., Wong, S. S., Nam, R. (2021). The intersection of perceptions of classroom openness with civic engagement among young urban adolescents in science classroom. Applied Developmental Science, 1-14.

2021 Book Chapters

Allen, K.-A., Gray, D. L., Arslan, G., Riley, K., Vella-Brodrick, D., Waters, L. (2021). School Belonging Policy. Routledge.

Davis, D. S., Alston, C. L., Samuelson, C. (in press). What will it take to help all third graders learn to read?: Recommendations for improving policies on early literacy learning. Information Age Publishing.

Eagle, J. L., Falter, M. M., Donovan, C. (in press). #TeachWriteChat: Social media for writing to learn and learning to write. University of Michigan Press/Sweetland.

Falter, M. M., Bohannon, J. (2021). From culturally colonizing to culturally responsive: Using a classroom library to shift the curriculum. Rowman & Littlefield. NC State University

Hunt, J. H., Lewis, K. (2021). Extending students’ knowledge of fractions as relational quantities: Teaching for understanding. In D.P. Bryant (Ed.), Intensifying mathematics interventions for students who struggle learning mathematics. New York, N.Y.: The Guilford Press.

Lee, C. C., Jacobs, L., Dufresne, K., Donovan, C., Mann, J. (2021). Voicing Vulnerability: Narratives of Healing Among Adolescent Girls in a Community-Based Organization. Routledge/Taylor & Francis.

Pearson, J. N., Hamilton, M.-B., Stansberry, L., Hussein, D. (2021). Empowering families by utilizing culturally responsive strategies in the education of children with multi-layered identities. Council for Exceptional Children.

Thomson, M. M., Roberts, R. B., Hubbard, L. (2021). Developing STEM motivation through immersive research experiences (pp. 17-24). Irvine, CA: BrownWalker Press.

Thomson, M. M., Pop-Pacurar, I., Negru-Subtirica, O., Radut-Taciu, R. (2021). Fostering motivation among students through role models: An interdisciplinary program intervention (pp. 27-41). Irvine, CA: BrownWalker Press.

Wafa, N., Manfra, M. M. (2021). Investigating Inquiry Based, Technology Rich Global Education through Action Research. IGI.

West, H., Wiseman, A. M., Faulkner, V. N. (in press). Visual Methods: An Approach for Understanding Elementary Students’ Mathematical Thinking.