The mission of the TELS-GSA is to represent the Department of Teacher Education and Learning Sciences’ graduate student ambassadors throughout the academic year as well as provide academic and social interactions for graduate students in the department.


Sarah Karamarkovich, President,
Sarah is a 3rd-year doctoral candidate in Educational Psychology and a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. Her research interests include elementary students’ mathematics motivation and cognition.

Cigdem Meral, President-Elect,
Cigdem is 3rd-year doctoral student of Learning Design and Technology and a graduate assistant for the Metrc Makerspace. Her research interests include 3D printing, Spatial visualization, and STEM education.

Jessica Eagle, Treasurer,
Jessica is a 2nd-year doctoral student of Literacy and English Language Arts and a graduate assistant for the New Literacies and Global Learning program. Her research interests include emotion, motivation, and engagement in ELA, Writing Instruction, and Sub-Screenic Literacies.

Whitney McCoy, GSAB Liaison,
Whitney is a 4th-year doctoral candidate in Educational Psychology as well as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and a Southern Regional Education Board Doctoral Scholar. Her research interests include the outcomes, identities, and perspectives of Black adolescent girls in engineering education.


Renata Halls-Gordon, BGSA Liaison,
Renata is a 2nd-year doctoral student in Educational Psychology. Her research interests include understanding the experiences and challenges of students from the English-Speaking Caribbean who migrate to the United States.


Vandna Gill Bindra, Faculty Advisor,
Dr. Gill Bindra is a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of TELS.  She is also a recent graduate of the doctoral program at NC State in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Educational Psychology.

Election Process

Every spring, nominations for officer roles are collected online from the student body. After the nomination period, online elections are held for the student body to vote for the upcoming year’s GSA representatives.

Fall 2019 Events

Event Speaker Date & Time
Beginning of semester social TELS GSA September 9
6:30 pm
Player’s Retreat
Conference Planning Workshop Business Cards, Navigating the space, Picking sessions, Attire, Applying to Conferences and Funding, Creating Posters
Quantitative Methods Workshop Speakers/Topics TBD Fall TBA

Spring 2020 Events

Event Descriptors Date & Time
Generation of Ideas for Publications Workshop How do scholars continue to work through the idea-generation process to ensure continued publications and CV continuity?
Michelle Falter                                              Cameron Denson
February 2020 TBD
Community-engaged Intervention Research Workshop Jamie Pearson (unconfirmed) February 2020 TBD
IRB for Visual Artifacts/Data Jennie from IRB March 2020 TBA
Quantitative Methods Workshop Allison Liu (unconfirmed) Spring 2020 TBA



If you would like to know more about support services for graduate students offered by the College of Education, contact the Office of Graduate Student Support Services: