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Our Students

The Department of Teacher Education and Learning Sciences (TELS) has over 300 undergraduate students and 300 graduate students. Bringing diverse experiences and backgrounds, TELS students team up with faculty, mentors, and peers to build learning communities where they can explore creative and innovative ideas, help each other, and create their own professional opportunities.

Determined and Passionate Scholars. Forging their Path to Leadership in Education.

Our undergraduate master’s preservice teachers are preparing to be agents of change while working closely with faculty in innovation educational contexts. Our advanced graduate students in master’s and doctoral programs use their life experiences, professional training, and creativity in insightful ways to investigate current issues in education. Their research interests span a broad range of topics related to teacher education and learning sciences.

The TELS faculty work directly with undergraduate and graduate students throughout their programs providing opportunities for professional development and participation in research projects. Our students are regularly recognized for their outstanding academic performance and research excellence.

We invite you to learn more about TELS students.