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Admission Process

The TELS department is committed to shaping the field of education. It all starts with high-quality candidates. If you’re seeking to graduate with a commitment to equity and social justice as well as the expert pedagogy it takes to be a force in Teacher Education and Learning Sciences, you are ready to apply.

The TELS Difference

Working through NC State’s College of Education, the TELS department offers more than 10 degrees at the graduate level. Our programs address a wide variety of specialties at the Master’s and doctoral level with a focus on teacher education research and learning sciences, a singular combination that sets us apart from other graduate programs and makes our candidates highly desirable in their future careers.

Graduate coursework includes creative, innovative, and collaborative ways of learning as well as an extensive exploration and analysis of former and current research in the educational field. To ensure our students graduate equipped with strong working knowledge and research methods, we offer courses that help them throughout various stages of research. We always strive to create an environment full of opportunities that embraces diversity and that will help students succeed as leaders and as effective educators.