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NC State Education Awarded $14.4M in Research Funding January-March 2019

New wolf statue on central campus.

Faculty and researchers at the NC State College of Education and its Friday Institute for Educational Innovation were awarded $14,456,357 to support eight research projects in the first quarter of 2019. Learn more about the newly awarded projects below.

Title: North Carolina School of Science and Math Phase II – Academic Program and Student Experience
Principal Investigator: Dr. Trip Stallings, Director of Policy Research at the Friday Institute
Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Jeni Corn, Director of Evaluation Programs at the Friday Institute; Dr. Dave Frye, Associate Director of the Friday Institute; Dr. Hollylynne Lee, Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Education and Senior Research Fellow at the Friday Institute
Sponsor: North Carolina School of Science and Math
Award: $198,407

Title: Building Capacity for Computational Thinking
Principal Investigator: Dr. Mary Ann Wolf, Assitant Teaching Professor and Director of Digital Learning Programs at the Friday Institute
Sponsor: Wake County Public School System
Award: $16,590

Title: RAPID: Informal Learning about Urban Ecology through Community-Engaged Research as a Pathway to Persistence for Disaster-Impacted Students
Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Deniz Eseryel, Associate Professor of Digital Learning
Research Team: Madhusudan Vithal Katti, Principal Investigator (College of Natural Resources); Kelly Lynn Sara Mulvey, Co-PI (College of Humanities and Social Sciences); Darby Orcutt, Co-PI (NCSU Libraries)
Sponsor: NSF Rapid
Award: $17,480

Title: NC State Improvement Project IHE Partnership
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jamie Pearson, Assistant Professor of Special Education
Sponsor: N.C. Department of Public Instruction
Award: $10,000

Title: Wolfpack WORKS: A Three-Prong, K-2 Literacy Initiative for Beginning Teachers to Facilitate Students’ Reading Development in North Carolina
Principal Investigator: Dr. Jill Grifenhagen, Assistant Professor of Literacy Education
Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Ann Harrington, Associate Teaching Professor of Reading Education, and Dr. Paola Sztajn, Associate Dean for Research and Innovation
Sponsor: N.C. Department of Public Instruction
Award: $12,266,816

Title: CAREER: The Measurement and Influence of Mathematics Motivation in SITU
Principal Investigator: Dr. Teomara Rutherford, Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology
Award: $978,024

Title: Connecting to the Future: A Cross-Cultural Partnership between Educators in North Carolina and China – Phase III
Principal Investigator: Dr. Hiller Spires, Professor of Literacy Education, Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor and Senior Research Fellow at the Friday Institute
Sponsor: Wuzhong Group
Award: $946,141

Title: zSpace
Principal Investigator: Dr. Gail Jones, Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor
Sponsor: Vance County Public Schools
Award: $22,899