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Jul 29, 2021

Professor John Nietfeld To Help Improve Student Success Using Self-regulated Learning Through Work on Grant-funded Project

John Nietfeld, Ph.D., a professor of educational psychology in the NC State College of Education, is helping to improve student learning and success in introductory geoscience courses through his work on… 

NC State College of Education Assistant Professor Jamie Pearson, Ph.D.

Jul 6, 2021

Assistant Professor Jamie Pearson Will Use IES Early Career Grant To Help Connect Black Children, Families To Autism Services and Supports

Black children often face disparities when it comes to being diagnosed with autism and, although the delay in autism identification has decreased in recent years, NC State College of Education Assistant Professor Jamie Pearson, Ph.D., is aiming to help Black families be better equipped to access services through a new grant-funded project. 

Jun 22, 2021

Belk Center Receives Additional $4.3 Million in Funding to Further Support North Carolina Community Colleges and Foster Student Success

The Belk Center for Community College Research and Leadership, which is part of North Carolina State University’s College of Education, recently received two grants, totaling $4.3 million, aimed at serving North Carolina’s community colleges – particularly in rural parts of the state – in an effort to foster student success. 

Science Elementary Education

Jun 17, 2021

Professor Soonhye Park and Assistant Teaching Professor Matt Reynolds To Provide Support for Rural STEM Teachers Through Work on $2.6M Grant-funded Project

Research shows that rural schools tend to face a variety of barriers compared to their urban and suburban counterparts when it comes to teaching STEM. Many of these schools, said… 

Jackie Eunjung Relyea

Jun 4, 2021

AERA-NSF-funded Project Allows Assistant Professor Jackie Relyea To Explore Co-development of Reading Ability, Science Content Knowledge Among English Language Learners

A recent study co-authored by Assistant Professor Jackie Relyea, Ph.D., found that a group of first graders in N.C. who participated in a 10-day reading program that used a series of science books had higher science knowledge and improved vocabulary knowledge, reading comprehension and argumentative writing compared with children who received regular instruction. She will build on those findings through a 1-year, $25,000 grant from the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and National Science Foundation (NSF). 

May 18, 2021

Associate Professor Cesar Delgado Will Help Science Students Understand Scale in Virtual Reality Environments Through Work on $1.3M NSF Grant

Young students often hold the belief that the smallest objects in existence are the smallest objects they can see with the naked eye and struggle to conceive of scientific entities that are too small to see. As the co-principal investigator on the three-year “Virtual Reality to Improve Students’ Understanding of the Extremes of Scale in STEM” project, Associate Professor Cesar Delgado, Ph.D., will help uncover how students’ understanding of scale and numeracy can be improved through the use of virtual reality technology. 

NC State College of Education Assistant Professor K.C. Busch, Ph.D.

Apr 15, 2021

Assistant Professor K.C. Busch to Use $1.1 Million NSF CAREER Grant to Develop Model and Metrics for Community Level Scientific Literacy

For the past five years, K.C. Busch, Ph.D., has been thinking about ways to learn more about how community members learn from those within their social networks. Now, she will be able to develop a theory and test metrics for measuring community level science learning through social networks thanks to a recently awarded $1.1 million NSF CAREER grant. 

NC State College of Education Assistant Professor Jamie Pearson, Ph.D.

Apr 5, 2021

Assistant Professor Jamie Pearson to Help Prepare Students with Autism for STEM Careers Through Work on $1.3M Grant-funded Project

To address the urgent need to create workforce development models for students with autism spectrum disorder, Assistant Professor Jamie Pearson, Ph.D., is collaborating on a grant-funded project that will help prepare high school students with autism to enter postsecondary training programs in the geospatial and data science sectors. 

A logo for the Design and Pitch Competition hosted by Erin Krupa and Jere COnfrey

Feb 1, 2021

$1.4M Grant Will Help Assistant Professors Erin Krupa, Robin Anderson Inspire High School Students to Develop Better Understanding of Mathematics Through Design and Pitch Competitions

For the past three years, Assistant Professor Erin Krupa, Ph.D., has been helping to inspire middle school students to explore STEM concepts through design and pitch competitions. Now, through a $1.4 million grant, she and Assistant Professor Robin Anderson, Ph.D., will expand the concept to high school students while implementing online supports for teachers. 

Wolf statue and the Park Alumni Center.

Jan 21, 2021

NC State College of Education Awarded Over $1M in Research Funding October-December, 2020

Faculty and researchers at the NC State College of Education, including the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, were awarded $1,048,844 to support seven projects from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 2020. Total amounts reflect only the funding that was directly awarded to College of Education faculty and researchers.