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2021-2022 Graduate Student Ambassadors- Kristina Platt

Program Area of Study

Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Kristina Platt is a current student in the Online Master’s program studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling. During her time in the program she’s been able to gain experience in counseling and get involved on campus through her employment at the Career Development Center and various on-campus programs. Beyond her goals as a new counselor, Kristina aims to continue the development of the NCSU CMHC program by sharing her experiences with and advocating for diversity among prospective students while supporting positive growth within the program as a student. 

Why NC State?

Kristina selected NCSU for her Master’s program due to the flexibility offered by the online program and the record of excellence seen in its graduates. In her time enrolled in the program it became clear the the most valuable thing about the program was the cohort model, where despite the distance between them, the members of the cohort became like family and easily one of the best things about her Master’s experience. 

One insight gained so far…

During the time spent at NCSU, there has been lots of space given for feedback and ways to address the concerns students in the program have had, ranging from work-life balance in courses to equality between programs. The professors and staff in CED are receptive to hearing the concerns of their students surrounding various areas and are open to ideas and initiatives offered. As students, we continually work toward improving the program beyond the course content to ensure that the students who come after us have the best possible experience during their time here.