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2021-2022 Graduate Student Ambassadors- Kendall Hageman-Mays

Program Area of Study

Ph.D. Educational Leadership, Policy and Human Development – Education Evaluation and Program Analysis


Kendall Hageman-Mays is a Ph.D. student in the College of Education’s Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development Program; Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis. As a part time student, Kendall continues to serve education as the Senior State Programs Manager for Edmentum. With more than 15 years of experience in education policy, research, and administration, she has served in roles at the NC Department of Public Instruction, the Public School Forum of NC, NCSU’s Institute for Emerging Issues, and the NC School of Science and Mathematics. Her research interests include student supports for underserved populations and civil rights in education. 

Why NC State?

In my pursuit of a doctoral degree I sought out a university and a program that understood and accepted the value I brought to the program both as an education professional and as a part time student desiring to continue her impact on education while pursuing her degree. Guided by knowledgeable mentors and colleagues, I researched and ultimately decided on NCSU for its high caliber instructors who truly care about the transfer of knowledge and future impact of their students. No matter your future goals, there are faculty members here in NCSU’s College of Education who prioritize individual growth.

One insight gained so far…

My greatest lesson in diversity, equity, and inclusion I’ve learned during my time with NCSU both as a former employee and graduate student is around the importance of perspective. The importance of our own unique perspectives, how they shape our thoughts, experiences, and bias as well as the importance of respecting and valuing all perspectives. People often underestimate the role perspective plays in education, policy, research and evaluation.