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2021-2022 Graduate Student Ambassadors- Jennifer M LaDue

Program Area of Study

College of Education (Doctorate Program Community College Leadership Charlotte 2020 Cohort) and (M.Ed. Training and Development – graduated 5/20)


As an accomplished professional with a 20-plus-year record in employee education, development, instruction, management, and consulting, I am doctoral student in the Community College Leadership program. My research focus is on women in leadership and the importance of mentoring. While working towards my Master’s in Training and Development, I concentrated my studies on instructional design for adult learners, researching the effects of the recession on employee development. I have worked in academia, corporate, and non-profit which has given me a wide range of experiences to combine my passion for Instructional Design, Organizational Psychology, and leadership. 

Why NC State?

There is a feeling of family at NC State. The professors really cared about me as a person. I was given opportunities to work in different areas and meet with industries leaders while working on my Masters. I knew when I applied for my doctorate, I would be exposed to the best of the best in community college leadership. I had a mentor during my master’s program who really believed in me and thought I would be a good fit for the program. I have loved every single moment of my experience. 

One insight gained so far…

In society today we hear a lot about equity. I thought before I started the program, I understood the concept of equity. I realize how little I knew. As citizens of the US, we are told we are all equal to each other. As I dive further into the topic of equity I realize how barriers that are placed by uncontrollable circumstance prevents equity for some. Every single person in this country should have the same opportunities. But poor socioeconomic areas have less – especially when it comes to prospects. As one of the most powerful countries in the world we as citizens should demand equity for all our people. Equity should not be considered an entitlement but a concept to give the same to everyone. As a future educator, it has now become my passion to guide our Institutions to allow the people of this Nation an equitable educational field. My enlightenment comes from the outstanding faculty, staff, guest speaker, and my colleagues in the cohort.