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2021-2022 Graduate Student Ambassadors- Elizabeth Uzzell

Program Area of Study

Ph.D., ELPHD, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis


Elizabeth Uzzell is a Ph.D. candidate and graduate research assistant in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis. She previously taught middle school English language arts for three years. Her research interests include inequities in K-12 education and program evaluation. 

Why NC State?

NC State offered the degree I wanted and a diverse and talented pool of faculty with whom I could study. The reason I stayed at NC State really comes down to people. The College of Education has been so welcoming and the people I have met here—in my program, my classes, even study abroad—have shaped me in immeasurable ways.  

One insight gained so far…

One of the first courses I took at NC State was the Diversity and Equity in Schools Scholar Leader course, and that really set the tone for the rest of my time here, working towards a more antiracist college of education. I have also been exposed to the work of Gloria Ladson-Billings and culturally relevant pedagogy, critical race theory, and connected with other people working towards the same goal of equity and inclusion for all. I have learned valuable and applicable antiracist strategies, and look forward to continuing to help teachers and schools build an education system that works for all students.