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2021-2022 Graduate Student Ambassadors- DaQuan Williams

Program Area of Study

Ph.D., Educational Leadership, Policy, Human Development (ELPHD),Opportunity, Equity, Justice


DaQuan Williams is from Four Oaks, NC and is currently a doctoral student in the new Higher Education Opportunity, Equity, and Justice program. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Campbell University in General Biology with a minor in Spanish in May 2018. Thereafter, he continued at Campbell University to receive his Master of Divinity degree in May 2021. DaQuan’s research interests are in spirituality and academic success for Black students. Also, DaQuan currently has a research assistantship on the INSPIRES Index project with his advisor, Dr. Alyssa Rockenbach. 

Why NC State?

I sought after a doctoral program that would offer me community and an outstanding learning experience. Thus far, NC State has offered me many opportunities for skill-building, academic success, and professional development. NC State has qualified faculty who want their students to become successful professionals and that was noticeable during my application process. Open House, PREP, and Recruitment Weekend showed me how much NC State cares for their students. 

One insight gained so far…

Through coursework and personal growth, NC State has shown me how important it is for educators to remain equitable. Currently, our U.S. education system lacks diversity in professional faculty/staff and I believe NC State is changing that trajectory. NC State chooses to create diverse cohorts to match the students we teach. The College of Education has made a vow to become an anti-racist college and that alone shows me the clear mission and focus of NC State. Being a doctoral student during the current social climate has given me a chance to truly understand how to make a difference. I recognize that I have joined forces with many other educators and NC State gives us access to work cohesively to make a change for all students.