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2021-2022 Graduate Student Ambassadors- Courtney Weathers

Program Area of Study

Teacher Education and Learning Sciences (TELS), New Literacies and Global Learning (K12 Reading)


Courtney obtained her B.S. in Elementary Education from NC State in May and is currently studying to become a reading interventionist. She has worked on multiple research projects that are supporting teachers in implementing effective literacy interventions. She is passionate about inclusive children’s literature and exploring the best practices for teaching reading comprehension to multilingual students. She was the President of the Elementary Education Organization and enjoyed welcoming new students to the college and the club. She is excited to share her passions for both the College of Education and equitable literacy education with prospective students!

Why NC State?

I absolutely loved my reading methods courses in my undergraduate program at NC State, which made me interested in pursuing a higher degree in literacy education. When I was an undergraduate research assistant for one of the College of Education’s literacy initiatives, I got to know the amazing graduate literacy professors. I have always been so supported by my professors in the TELS department and I knew that there would be even greater research and learning opportunities for me to pursue if I stayed for graduate school. I feel like I am reaching my fullest potential in this program!

One insight gained so far…

The College of Education has taught me to utilize my resources and center the lived experiences of others. We must educate students about social inequities and create an inclusive classroom by incorporating the voices of those who are different from us. We can read children’s literature written by diverse authors, bring in guest speakers, and invite students and their families to share their cultures and experiences. We must provide students with mirrors that reflect them and windows that help them see the world.