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2021-2022 Graduate Student Ambassadors- Channing Edwards

Program Area of Study

Counselor Education- M.Ed. in College Counseling & Student Development


Channing Edwards is a master’s student in College Counseling and Student Development. She has a passion for working with college students and empowering them to live fulfilled lives through a focus on mental health. She went to NC State as an undergraduate student and is so happy to be back home! In her free time, Channing loves to run, go out to dinner, and spend quality time with her partner and their mini bernedoodle, Archie!

Why NC State?

I chose to pursue a graduate education at NC State because of my program’s emphasis on diversity and multicultural counseling.

One insight gained so far…

Through my counselor education, I have learned and appreciated the importance of broaching the topic of identity with students or clients. Addressing how one’s race, identity, and cultural background impacts their lived experiences allows a person to feel seen and understood on a deeper level. As a future counselor, this is something I will carry with me in all of my therapeutic relationships. I am constantly amazed by NC State’s commitment to teaching a multicultural approach to counseling. Within each and every course I take, I’ve witnessed a strong and genuine emphasis on identity, inclusion, diversity.