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2021-2022 Graduate Student Ambassadors- Brandy Causey

Program Area of Study

M.Ed., Curriculum & Instruction/Reading, NLGL cohort


Brandy is from North Carolina and taught elementary education for 18 years. She is a wife and mother of four children. Spending time with her family and going on trips are her favorite things to do. She absolutely loves reading a good book while enjoying a cup of coffee. Serving is her passion and some of her favorite places to do it are in the classroom, the community and even abroad. She has served on two mission teams in Ghana, one of her most memorable life experiences! Her favorite mission field is the classroom!

Why NC State?

I chose to pursue graduate education at NC State in order to better myself as an educator and because being a “wolfpack” has always been a dream of mine. I come from a family of farmers loyal to the pack. When the opportunity presented itself to be a part of the NLGL cohort 6, I couldn’t pass it up. In this program, I have grown so much as an educator, a mentor, and leader in education! 

One insight gained so far…

Returning to college after more than 15 years since my undergrad experience has been challenging yet fulfilling. Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood, career, and college has given me the opportunity to self-reflect and focus on only the most important aspects of my life. Knowing that I can be successful in the various roles of my life has inspired me to encourage others who hope to further their education. I am thankful for the NLGL cohort members and instructors. It is an organized and effective program for full-time educators obtaining their master’s degree.