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Master’s in STEM Education

Mathematics Education

Our mission is to prepare master’s degree-seeking students for positions of instructional leadership in Mathematics Education as master teachers of mathematics in middle grades (6-9), high school (9-12) or post-secondary institutions such as community colleges. We offer both a Master of Education and a Master of Science in Mathematics Education. The Master of Science degree requires a thesis-culminating project, but other than that, they are the same.

Science Education

Designed to enhance the knowledge and skill set of experienced educators, students entering this program will have the opportunity to work with renowned experts in many facets of science education research and practice. Graduates return to the workforce prepared to become state and nationally recognized leaders in science education.

Engineering and Technology Education

Engineering and Technology Education graduates are mentored to assume leadership roles that allow them to make significant differences in professions that encompass technology. Educational activities and investigations by faculty and students focus on reaching beyond limits and constraints to better understand the impact of a changing technology on people and society.