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Our department prepares teachers to take the lead in STEM Education by applying knowledge and research to tackle current issues and inspire student interest in this ever-growing field.

State-of-the-Art Learning, Personalized Setting

As future educators in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, STEM Education students graduate with a passion for improving schools and society through 21st century teaching and research methods. Highly sought after in this high-need area of education, students thrive in our department’s small classroom settings that utilize the best of NC State’s large university connections, as well as the fast-rising city of Raleigh as a whole.

We foster a tightly knit network dedicated to success by preparing students, not only to teach, but to have a thorough knowledge of the reasoning and research behind motivating their pupils to have a genuine interest in these fields.

Our undergraduate and advanced degrees are designed for students interested in becoming teachers and taking on leadership roles that help solve current issues within STEM education. From preparing to teach mathematics with technology to understanding nanotechnology in the science classroom, as well as research areas in K–12 engineering and design education, faculty and students work on understanding the logistics of learning and how to get K–12 students interested in STEM areas.

1 in STEM Educators

STEM Education is the leading producer of STEM teachers in North Carolina.