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Faculty and students collaborate on innovative, interdisciplinary studies that advance educational and learning methods in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics worldwide.

The Science of Discovery

The STEM department focuses on a range of research topics that combine educational methods with cutting-edge technologies to advance learning for students from pre-K levels through adulthood. These can be as varied as using virtual reality or intelligent tutoring methods to enhance education, to discovering how using dynamic geometry software applies to teaching mathematics.

$37.5 Million in Grants

Along with 36 departments across campus, we’ve received substantial funding.

STEM Research Concentrations

Educational Technology Topics

Includes environmental and outdoor education, lifelong science learning, nanotechnology education and more.

Technology, Engineering and Design Education Topics

Includes engineering education in grades K–12, visual literacy, leadership development and more.

Mathematics Education Research Topics

Includes teaching mathematics with technology, digital resources and assessment, elementary mathematics learning using MathTalk and more.

Working hand-in-hand across campus, as well as nationally and internationally, researchers have access to a wide range of resources and staff expertise.

Funding opportunities come from sponsors such as the National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Education, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and many others. Through our effective interdisciplinary approach, faculty, researchers and students tackle issues head-on to make a real impact in improving and expanding STEM educational methods and our collective knowledge base.