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Experienced educators take their knowledge to the next level through innovative programs that call for active participation in groundbreaking research. For experienced Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics educators ready to advance their careers and become leaders in their fields, a STEM graduate degree is the logical next step.

Graduate students in the NC State College of Education’s Department of STEM Education share how the department is preparing them for the next stage of their careers, including the opportunity to conduct original research and build collaborative relationships with faculty and other students.

STEM Education Research Symposium

In-Depth Research. Real-World Experience.

Students in our graduate-level STEM programs gain invaluable skills that create recognized leaders in science-based education. Through an emphasis on research, grad students gain the experience they need to make a real impact in the world around them.

By providing a closely connected community of support and mentoring, program participants are uniquely equipped to succeed both academically and in research, positively influencing their future practice. We incorporate a variety of funded projects, scholarships and awards that allow students to undertake a wide breadth of research projects. Researchers are able to present their findings in academic settings and publish results with world-class scholars.

Need a mailing address?

Some recommendations must be submitted as a hard copy. Please direct these to:

Maya Stafford
Graduate Student Coordinator
Poe Hall 510

Questions regarding recommendations may be directed to

Master of Arts in Teaching Program (MAT)

For scholars interested in this program, please contact:

Cyndi Edgington, PhD
Teaching Assistant Professor
and Undergraduate Program Coordinator for Science Education
College of Education
Dept of STEM Education
Poe Hall 502J