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7 College of Education Graduates Recognized With 2021 Ed Council Outstanding Senior Awards

The NC State College of Education recognized seven graduates who have distinguished themselves through service, academics and leadership as recipients of the 2021 Education Council Outstanding Senior Awards during the college’s May 2021 Virtual Graduation Ceremony.

Every year, faculty from each of the undergraduate academic programs within the College of Education select an Education Council Outstanding Senior. 

This year’s award winners are listed below.

Education Council Outstanding Senior Awards

Emma Wilson

Elementary Education:
Emma Wilson

“I want to foster a love for learning in all of my students and teach kids how to be kind and accepting of others, as well as how to be confident in themselves while giving them the support that they need to succeed in life,” she said.


Middle Grades English Language Arts and Social Studies Academic Achievement Award: 
Kinsey Lauren Moritz

“I chose to teach middle school English because young people are brilliant and wonderful to listen to, and communication is the most important skill that I can help them hone through English language arts,” they said. 

Abbey Earp

Dr. Lee V. Stiff Memorial Award for Outstanding Senior in High School Mathematics:
Abbey Earp

“As a math educator, I want to inspire the next generation of young minds to explore mathematics and mathematics in the world all around them,” she said.

Alexandra Prager

Mathematics Education (Middle School):
Alexandra Prager

“I chose the field of education — middle grades mathematics– because in middle school when I grew up in New Jersey, I had a lot of teachers make a positive impact on my life, and I want to make that same impact on other students,” she said.

Jacob Hackim

Science Education (High School):
Jacob Hackim

“I chose science because my high school physics class with Mr. Stephenson was so transformative and helped me understand how powerful education can be for students in need,” he said.

Nathan Hill

Science Education (Middle School):
Nathan Hill

“Every day in my profession, there is no better feeling than having a student believe in themself and build confidence. I strive to be that role model to prepare students for academic life as well as real life,” he said.

Dong Hyun Kim

Outstanding Senior in Technology, Engineering, and Design Education:
Dong (Donnie) Hyun Kim

“I became a technology and design education teacher because I wanted to help students from the next generation to become inventors and creators. They’re going to solve a lot of the problems that we, as older generations, cannot solve,” he said.