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Aug 4, 2021

2021 Math Summit: Chris Emdin, Ph.D., on “Where Equity and Technology Resides: Radical Reimagining in STEM”

Join us to hear two keynote speeches from globally recognized thought leaders on STEM education during the 2021 Math Summit: Looking Back . . . Moving Forward, which will be… 

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Jul 12, 2021

Training Helps Teachers Anticipate How Students With Learning Disabilities Might Solve Problems

North Carolina State University researchers, including Jessica Hunt, Ph.D., found that a four-week training course made a substantial difference in helping special education teachers anticipate different ways students with learning disabilities might solve math problems. 

NC State College of Education Associate Professor Jessica Hunt, Ph.D., talks about teaching from a strengths-based perspective

Jun 17, 2021

Ask the Expert: How Can Teaching Math From a Strengths-based Perspective Help Students Succeed? ‘When Teachers Utilize a Student’s Strengths, They Position Them as Already Possessing a Way of Knowledge That They Use To Understand the World,’ Says Associate Professor Jessica Hunt

Students’ thinking is often evaluated from a deficit standpoint, focusing on what they don’t yet know, says Associate Professor Jessica Hunt, Ph.D. This is especially true when it comes to teaching mathematics to students with disabilities. Instead of focusing on what students don’t know, Hunt says it is best for teachers to approach lessons from a strengths-based perspective. 

NC State College of Education Assistant Professor Samantha Marshall

Jun 14, 2021

Article from Assistant Professor Samantha Marshall Examines Mathematics Coaching as a Means to Justice-oriented Teaching

As a former high school mathematics teacher and director of mathematics, Assistant Professor Samantha Marshall, Ph.D., has witnessed the various ways mathematics education can be unjust for certain groups of students. Her most recent article provides insights into what existing research about mathematics teacher coaching currently offers and illuminates critical gaps to inform work toward justice-oriented mathematics teaching. 

Dream2B, a fraction game developed by NC State College of Education Associate Professor Jessica Hunt, Ph.D., using a National Science Foundation grant

Jun 1, 2021

Game Developed by Associate Professor Jessica Hunt To Help Students Understand Fractions Showcased at National EdTech Games Expo

Associate Professor Jessica Hunt, Ph.D., will showcase the Dream2B puzzle-based learning environment designed to help students master fraction concepts while exploring STEM and ICT careers during the National EdTech Games Expo from June 1-6. 

Peter Eley

May 17, 2021

#WhyIChoseEducation: ‘I Am Motivated Daily by the Opportunity To Have An Impact. Everything is About Impacting and Inspiring People To Be the Best Version of Themselves, Whatever That Is,’ Says Peter Eley ’08MED, ’11PHD

While working at St. Augustine’s University as a webmaster and data manager, Peter Eley ’08MED, ’11PHD was inspired to pursue a career in education. With an interest in mathematics education, he was encouraged to attend the NC State College of Education and work under the guidance of Lee V. Stiff, Ph.D. And for the past 11 years, he’s been a professor of math education. 

May 17, 2021

7 College of Education Graduates Recognized With 2021 Ed Council Outstanding Senior Awards

Seven graduates, representing each undergraduate academic program, were recognized as recipients of the Education Council Outstanding Senior Awards for their distinguished service, academics and leadership, during the college’s May 2021 Virtual Graduation Ceremony. 

Ivy Briggs stands with the Wolfpack hand sign in a greenhouse full of flowers.

May 13, 2021

College of Education Alumna Ivy Briggs ’17, ’21MED Earns M.Ed. in STEM Education Online

Ivy Briggs '17, '21MED comes from a long line of Wolfpackers. When it became time for Briggs to consider graduate school, choosing NC State’s Master of Education in STEM Education online program was a no-brainer. 

Amber Smith

May 4, 2021

Meet Amber Smith ’21PHD: ‘I Was Raised to Believe Education Is Very Important and Can Open the Door to Many Opportunities’

Amber Smith ’21PHD has had a passion for math for as long as she can remember -- earning both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in applied mathematics. After discovering a love for teaching, Smith decided to pursue a Ph.D. in learning and teaching in STEM mathematics and statistics education program area of study from the NC State College of Education. 

Samuel Hammett

May 4, 2021

Meet Samuel Hammett ’21: ‘I Want to Reform Mathematics Education and Inspire Students to Love Mathematics’

In high school, Samuel Hammett ’21 hated math. But that changed when he got a teacher who made math more enjoyable. It was then that he realized the impact a teacher can have on a student’s life. In May, Hammett will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics education, hoping to make a similar impact on students as his favorite teachers had on him.