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mathematics education

Wolf statue and the Park Alumni Center.

Feb 29, 2024

Associate Professor Jessica Hunt Selected to Participate in National Science Foundation’s Ideas Lab

Jessica Hunt, an associate professor of mathematics education and special education in the NC State College of Education, is one of 35 scholars across the country selected by the National Science Foundation to participate in their most recent Ideas Lab. 

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Nov 28, 2023

College of Education Researchers Hope to Create Set of Shared Teaching and Learning Principles for Early Mathematics Education through National Conference

A group of NC State College of Education scholars are bringing together experts in early mathematics education and other related fields to generate a set of teaching and learning principles related to PreK-2 mathematics education. 

Math Teacher in Classroom

Nov 2, 2023

Pre-service Teachers Will Be Better Prepared to Use Technology in Secondary Mathematics Classrooms Through Grant-funded Project Led By Associate Dean Karen Hollebrands

NC State College of Education Associate Dean Karen Hollebrands, along with Assistant Professor Ruby Ellis and Friday Institute for Educational Innovation Senior Research Scholar Gemma Mojica, are ensuring future teachers are prepared with the skills to effectively use technology and lead discussions in mathematics classrooms through a new, grant-funded project. 

Oct 30, 2023

Associate Professor Erin Krupa Appointed Senior Faculty Fellow at Friday Institute

Associate Professor Erin Krupa has been appointed as a senior faculty fellow at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, beginning Oct. 11, 2023. Friday Institute senior faculty fellows are chosen by the Friday Institute executive director, serve a five-year term, provide leadership and direction for the Friday Institute by serving on the Friday Institute leadership team and contribute to the overall intellectual life of the Friday Institute. 

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Oct 23, 2023

Associate Teaching Professor Cyndi Edgington, Assistant Professors Robin Anderson and Ruby Ellis Will Prepare Pre-service Educators to Teach Mathematics in Diverse Settings Through Grant-funded Project

A group of faculty members in NC State’s College of Education are hoping to challenge the perception that mathematics teaching and learning is a one-size-fits-all approach through work on a new, grant-funded project. 

Shannon Carney receiving the 2023 North Carolina Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Student Teacher of the Year Award.

Oct 3, 2023

Shannon Carney ’23 Named 2023 North Carolina Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Student Teacher of the Year

Shannon Carney '23, a recent graduate of the NC State College of Education’s mathematics education program, has been named the North Carolina Association of Colleges for Teacher Education Student Teacher of the Year. 

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Sep 29, 2023

Teachers in Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Looking Forward to Bringing Math Discourse into Classrooms Through Project AIM Professional Development

About 30 teachers in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools district are participating in professional development through Project AIM (All Included in Mathematics), a program developed by NC State College of Education Dean Paola Sztajn and Horizon Research, Inc. that helps elementary school teachers learn to promote mathematics discourse for all learners using techniques adapted from literacy instruction. 

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Aug 29, 2023

Study from Assistant Professor Michael Jarry-Shore Shows Knowledge of Students Plays Important Role in Teachers’ In-the-moment Noticing of Students’ Mathematical Strategies

Assistant Professor Michael Jarry-Shore is the lead author on a recently published study that examined the extent to which four novice teachers noticed students’ mathematical strategies in the moment, identifying instances when teachers had attended to specific details in students’ strategies and made precise claims about understandings reflected in the strategies. 

Aug 17, 2023

Meet Our Incoming Students: 3 Of Our Newest Teaching Fellows

This fall, the NC State College of Education will welcome its largest class of incoming N.C. Teaching Fellows since the program was reestablished in 2018. Meet three of them. 

Aug 16, 2023

Meet Our Incoming Students: Our Newest Goodnight Scholars

Several of the incoming students joining the NC State College of Education this fall will be part of the Goodnight Scholars Program's Class of 2027. Meet them.