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Mathematics and Statistics Education Doctoral Students


Rachel Abel
Rachel’s research interests include productive struggle, equity in the math classroom, and undergraduate-level curriculum.

Jerome Z. AmeduJerome Z. Amedu
My research interests include math difficulties, ICT in mathematics instruction, teacher preparation, and international comparative studies in mathematics education.

Priyanka Bhatt
Technology Integration in Mathematics and Statistics Education for effective teaching and learning experience, Preparing Teachers for the Advancements in Technological tools. 
Margaret Borden
Margaret’s primary research interest is around project-based learning in secondary math education. This includes teacher learning through professional development and coaching, as well as student engagement and curriculum development.

Latoya BrewerLatoya Brewer
Latoya’s interests center on teacher training and professional development, specifically those of mathematics teachers in low-performing, rural schools.


Shari BrockingtonShari Brockington
My research interests are in popularizing mathematics in diverse communities by using communication tools to improve parental involvement.

Katie Burkett 
Katie’s research interests include math knowledge for teaching, undergraduate math education, and K-12 math curriculum.

Luke Carman 
Luke’s research interests include social justice, critical and activist mathematics teaching, pre-service teacher education, and teacher communities.


Orna David
Orna’s research interest is in mathematics teacher learning, positive mathematics identity formation in students and curriculum development.



Aaron Ideus
Research interest include examining what teachers take from their teacher preparation program and ultimately implement in their classroom. I am also interested in examining how teachers successfully implement ambitious mathematics instruction.

Nixon Igunza
Promoting equity and diversity in the mathematics classroom, building on children’s reasoning to enhance conceptual understanding, using teacher pedagogical moves to help students develop their argumentation, problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and using technology effectively to enhance understanding of mathematical concepts.


Charles JohnsonCharles Johnson
My research will focus around diversity and equity amongst teachers/students.


Rayshawn LocklearRayshawn Locklear
Rayshawn’s research interest and experience includes determining effective teaching strategies in algebra and examining teacher preparation in high needs schools.


Ashley LoftisAshley Loftis
My research interests include teacher professional development, especially in the areas of data science education and the mathematical modeling process.


Purity Muthitu
Secondary school mathematics teachers noticing of students’ mathematical thinking when working on mathematical tasks in a Technology-Mediated Environment and student reasoning when working on mathematical tasks in a Technology-Mediated Environment.


Josh Naddor
Josh’s research interests include mathematics and statistics curriculum in highschool and undergraduate introductory-level math/stat courses.


Hamid SaneiHamid Sanei
Research interests: statistics/probability/data science education, probabilistic reasoning, probabilistic/statistical misconceptions, statistical literacy, technology applications in teaching and learning.


James Smiling
James’s research interest are professional development of pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers.


Zachary Vaskalis
Zack’s research interests include: statistics education, teaching and learning statistics, statistical thinking, biostatistics, evaluation and assessment, curriculum development and learning theories.