Mathematics and Statistics Education Doctoral Students


Jerome Z. AmeduJerome Z. Amedu
My research interests include math difficulties, ICT in mathematics instruction, teacher preparation, and international comparative studies in mathematics education.

Heather BarkerHeather Barker
Research interests include professional development and training of pre-service/in-service statistics teachers.

Michael BelcherMichael Belcher
My research interests include developing and studying innovative mathematics curricula in the middle grades.

Brittney L. BlackBrittney L. Black
My research focuses on the role of race in mathematics education. Specifically, how the experiences of Black learners shape their mathematics identity.

Latoya BrewerLatoya Brewer
Latoya’s interests center on teacher training and professional development, specifically those of mathematics teachers in low-performing, rural schools.

Shari BrockingtonShari Brockington
My research interests are in popularizing mathematics in diverse communities by using communication tools to improve parental involvement.

Michele CuddMichele Cudd
Michele is interested in researching equitable student centered practices with a focus on mathematical discourse amongst students.

Emily ElrodEmily Elrod
Emily’s research interests are situated around teacher preparation and professional development of K-12 pre-service and in-service teachers of mathematics.

Katie FloydKatie Floyd
Research interests include factors associated with academic success in undergraduate introductory-level mathematics courses.

Joshua GriffinJoshua Griffin
Research interest includes how middle school mathematics teachers utilize the inquiry cycle in data analysis on interim assessments to influence their teaching.

Taylor HarrisonTaylor Harrison
Taylor’s research interests include the practice of teaching secondary statistics and the use of technology in mathematics classrooms.

Charles JohnsonCharles Johnson
My research will focus around diversity and equity amongst teachers/students.

Nick KobersteinNick Koberstein
Nick’s research interests include statistics education, educational technology, and pre-service teachers.

Rayshawn LocklearRayshawn Locklear
Rayshawn’s research interest and experience includes determining effective teaching strategies in algebra and examining teacher preparation in high needs schools.

Ashley LoftisAshley Loftis
My research interests include teacher professional development, especially in the areas of data science education and the mathematical modeling process.

Josh MannixJosh Mannix
Josh’s research interests include K-12 mathematics curriculum and programming, with an emphasis on the elementary years, and mathematics anxiety.

Kristi MartinKristi Martin
Kristi is interested in studying the knowledge and learning of pre-service teachers and the teaching and learning of trigonometry.

Asli MutluAsli Mutlu
Her research focus is students’ opportunities to learn in statistics courses and how teachers are getting prepared for it.

James SmilingJames Smiling
James’s research interests are professional development of pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers.

Elyse SmithElyse Smith
My research interests involve issues on diversity and equity in the teaching and learning of mathematics.

David StokesDavid Stokes
Applications of technology in statistics education. Applications of computation in statistics education.

Zachary VaskalisZachary Vaskalis
Zack’s research interests include: statistics education, teaching and learning statistics, statistical thinking, biostatistics, evaluation and assessment, curriculum development, and learning theories.