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Middle Grades Social Studies: New Literacies & Global Learning

The middle grades social studies concentration is a 30 hour program. All history and social studies teachers enrolled will take 4 Core Courses along with an additional 6 courses focused on teaching and learning history and social studies in the middle grades. These courses include advanced, graduate-level content courses in history and the social studies.

Teacher with students

Core Curriculum

Core curriculum will consist of 4 courses which is 12 hours of coursework.

  • ECI 546 New Literacies and Media (3 hours, online, fall and spring)
  • ECI 524 Theory and Research in Global Learning (3 hours, online, spring and summer I)
  • ECI 523 Teacher as Researcher (3 hours, online, fall)
  • ECI 508 Teachers as Leaders (3 hours, spring)

Specialty Coursework

Specialty curriculum typically consists of 6 courses which is 18 hours of coursework.

1. Middle Grades Focus (3 Hours):

  • ECI 550 Foundations of Middle Years Education (3 hours)

2. Restricted Electives. Social Studies/Diversity/Technology Options (9 Hours):

  • ECI 500 Theory & Practice in Teaching Diverse Populations (3 hours)
  • ECI 525 Contemporary Approaches in the Teaching of Social Studies (3 hours)
  • ECI 526 Theory & Research on Teaching and Learning Social Studies (3 hours)
  • ECI 630 or 727 Independent Study in Social Studies (3 hours)
  • ECI 511 Computer Applications and Curriculum Integration (fall, summer, online)
  • ECI 512 Emerging Technologies for Teaching and Learning (spring, online)
  • ECI 513 Videography for Education (spring, online)
  • ECI 514 Multimedia Design and Applications in Inst. (fall, online)
  • ECI 515 Internet Applications and Web Page Design in Instruction (spring, online)

3. Social Studies Content (6 Hours) — Approval of Advisor

  • Choose from social studies disciplines (history, political science, economics, anthropology, or geography).