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Engineering and Technology Education Doctoral Students


Dani BatesDani Bates
Better understanding the influence and impact of online facilitated design challenges on young learners’ interest and self-confidence in STEM.


Chris BoakyeChris Boakye
Investigating the role and impact of STEM education in socio-economically disadvantage communities at the K-12 level.  Investigates how STEM education can serve as an impetus to help break generational poverty.

Gregory Corbett
Gregory’s research interest is in interdisciplinary curriculum design and development and the impact of implementing production technology integrated into Hip-Hop based education to engage underrepresented populations in STEM.


Mariam EliasMariam Elias
My research interest includes the influence of computational thinking through Makerspace activities on graduation rate in STEM disciplines.

Justin Egresitz
Undergraduate student motivation toward making and doing as well as the impacts on mental health that making and doing has.

Eric HallEric Hall
My research interests are in curriculum development, teacher professional development, and underrepresented populations in STEM, focused on mathematics and engineering.


Joesph Kaskel 
Joe’s research interests consist of investigating Information Communication Technology (ICT) literacy, exploring technology dependency and tradeoffs, in addition to studying the adoption of emerging technologies.


Erik SchettigErik Schettig
Erik Schettig’s research interests include STEM curriculum development, spatial visualization skills, and utilizing informal learning environments.