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Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Program (IPSE)

A person-centered education, training, and workforce program for students with intellectual disabilities.

Set to launch in 2025, NC State’s Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Program will be designed for students with intellectual disabilities and offer educational credentials such as certificates upon program completion. A planning committee composed of faculty, staff and students from across NC State University guided the program’s initial development. A smaller implementation committee will now take over program development.

The IPSE Program will:

  • offer educational credentials such as certificates and non-degree opportunities
  • provide students with inclusive academic enrichments, socialization, independent living skills and integrated work experiences that will help them develop career skills that can lead to gainful  employment; and
  • offer support and services which will include academic and social inclusion in academic courses, extracurricular activities and other aspects of campus life. 

Through the Educational Opportunities Program, we’ll expand our service to a new group of students and families and create additional pathways for them to earn their academic credentials, develop skills and gain experiences that will prepare them for lifelong success.

Paola Sztajn

Paola Sztajn and Doneka Scott

Educational Opportunities Program
Planning Committee Co-chairs

Introducing NC State’s Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Program

As part of the new state budget finalized in October, NC State University has been allocated $3 million to establish an education, training and workforce program for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities that will launch in 2025. The NC State Educational Opportunities Program will be a university-wide initiative that is administratively housed in NC State’s College of Education.