COVID-19 Information for Students

Below are college-wide updates and resources for students in the College of Education related to NC State's response to COVID-19. Refer to your advisors and instructors for course-specific information. Items will be added and updated as new information emerges. Please refer to the university's Protect the Pack website for university-level policies, guidelines and issues. The information below refers to college-specific updates.

Important College Phone Numbers

Do you need immediate assistance? Give us a call at one of these phone numbers depending on which office you need to reach:

College of Education Updates

Clinical education can continue to meet in person or in a hybrid format. Professional year experiences (i.e. Professional Semester and Professional Semester 2) and our student teaching and MAT internships are considered clinical education, and our students will continue to follow their placement site.

Poe Hall will be unlocked for all students, faculty, and staff beginning the first day of classes from 7:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. Graduate students can use their university ID to access Poe Hall during after hours. Undergraduate students requiring after-hour access should contact their supervisors or advisors. 

Consistent with the university’s Community Standards, please follow these safety guidelines when you are in Poe Hall.

  • Do not eat in common areas and shared spaces inside Poe Hall.
  • Remain outside of the building unless you have a specific activity to accomplish inside.
  • Do not congregate outside or sit in the hallways to avoid impacting the traffic flow.
  • Respect the maximum capacity signs for classrooms and conference rooms. 
  • Do not move furniture within a room or to a different location in Poe Hall.
  • Dispose of gloves and masks appropriately. 
  • Follow all directions provided on monitors and signage. Do not move or remove signage.

View Poe Hall Safety Guidelines for Students

All students should use RoomSign to sign in and out of classrooms to allow the college to track the use of spaces and for contact tracing if needed. QR codes are located outside and inside classrooms. Please do not congregate in front of QR codes. The camera feature of your phone or a QR scanning app can be used for scanning. No tracking or personal data is used in this process.
To support safe traffic flow, Poe Hall has designated two entrances and two exits. The two stairways leading to the Court of North Carolina are marked as DOWN ONLY for exiting the building. The two stairways leading to Stinson Drive are marked as UP ONLY for entering the building.

Hallways: The traffic pattern on the 2nd floor will flow one-way, counter-clockwise to minimize close contact. On all other floors, remain 6 feet apart and follow additional instructions where posted.

Restrooms: Please stand in line, 6 feet apart, outside the bathroom when occupancy is too great to maintain safe distances inside.

Elevators: Students are encouraged to use the stairs. Preference for elevator usage should be given to those with accessibility or physical needs. Elevator capacity will be limited to 2 at a time. Those waiting for the elevator should stand 6 feet apart.

METRC will reopen to provide site-dependent services including book and equipment circulation and printing. Limited single-use study space will be available; students can remain in METRC for up to one hour. The front doors of METRC will become entrance-only and the back door (facing the double-elevator) will become exit-only. We encourage students to request books versus coming into browse for books. Books and some equipment will be placed in a 72-hour no-touch location upon return; due dates will be adjusted accordingly and fines will not be implemented.

SSAC will open on January 11th and will maintain office hours from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Monday through Friday) with staff rotating shifts to maintain 50% occupancy and to decrease opportunities for exposure if a resident is infected. Students who have a scheduled/confirmed face-to-face appointment with a SSAC staff person must wait in the seating area located in the hall adjacent to the SSAC 505 suite. Upon the time of their scheduled and confirmed meeting, the student must enter the SSAC conference room through the dedicated “Entrance Only” door to the Center. Virtual visits are encouraged to minimize the number of students in the space and points of contact for the staff. There will be no face-to-face appointments scheduled for Wednesdays and Fridays  to allow for thorough cleaning procedures*. Masks will be available for students who have a confirmed appointment but are not in possession of their mask.

Technology assistance will be provided to students by contacting The Help Desk via phone (515-1760) or email (

If you would like to schedule a phone call or a virtual meeting with someone from the College of Education Student Services Team, please see below for contact information:

For general questions, please contact
If you are a graduate student in need of additional support or receiving updates specifically related to graduate students within the College of Education, please contact Dr. Melvin “Jai” Jackson, the director of the Office of Graduate Student Support Services.
View Poe Hall Guidelines for Students

For university-wide updates, resources and information, visit the university’s central website at

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