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Research Examples through Partnership with Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School

  • Crystal Island
    • The Crystal Island project is a collaborative game-based research project in which researchers in computer science, literacy, science and design created games for fifth- and eighth-grade students, incorporating science content from state standards for each grade level.
  • PBI Global
    • Project-Based Inquiry (PBI) Global is a collaborative, inquiry-based instructional process that connects students around the world through interdisciplinary inquiry projects that require students to ask compelling questions; gather and analyze sources; creatively synthesize claims and evidences; critically evaluate and revise; and share, publish and act. Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School sixth graders and Beijing Royal School fourth graders collaborated to explore the inquiry theme “Learning From the Past”. 
  • ENGAGE: Immersive Game-Based Learning for Middle Grade Computational Fluency
    • Building upon science standards, emerging computer science curricula and leveraging significant advances in game-based learning, the ENGAGE project deeply infuses computational thinking into middle school science education.
  • zSpace STEM Lab
    • zSpace uses 3D, haptic enabled technology to allow students to explore science concepts. Focusing on learning by doing, the zSpace STEM Lab comes with a suite of science software and curriculum resources that offer learning experiences across grade levels through the sciences and STEM topics. 
    • ESTEEM facilitates the infusion of statistics content and pedagogy into undergraduate mathematics teacher preparation by providing them with technological and curricular resources, networking experiences and ongoing support. As a result of the ESTEEM project, preservice secondary mathematics teachers will be better equipped to teach statistics with online tools. This will lead to stronger preparation of students in grades 6-12 in statistics and data literacy and feed the pipeline into data-intensive STEM disciplines.