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Professional Development Examples through Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School Partnership

  • Learning Differences MOOC-Ed
    • The Friday Institute implemented a deep dive into their free online course, Learning Differences, for 15 teacher leaders at Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School. The program utilizes a continuous improvement and partnership model and will also include a formal evaluation. Throughout the year, the Friday Institute will implement face-to-face and PLC-focused (based upon guides in the course) professional learning opportunities with the teachers in the school. A group of the teacher leaders engaged in the course over the summer will serve as advisors to the deep dive implementation.
  • Students LEAD
    • Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School students in seventh and eighth grade participated in the Students LEAD course and lessons for advisory. Both grades focused on lessons from the Teacher Guide, and Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School teachers, in partnership with the Friday Institute, aligned Covey Habits to Students LEAD lessons to encompass the school’s magnet theme of leadership.
  • Crosstalks
    • Friday Institute cross–talk sessions give internal teams an opportunity to briefly share a portion of their work and stimulate discussion across all teams at the Friday Institute, College of Education and Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School to further collaborations, introduce new concepts, address research design problems and more. 
  • ASSIST Biomedical Nanotechnology 
    • The ASSIST Center developed strategic outreach partnerships with 11 middle and high schools, including Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School, to enhance teachers’ engineering content knowledge and teaching methods, bring nanosystems engineering concepts into the classroom, involve high school students in ASSIST research, and thereby increase the diversity and enrollment of domestic students in university engineering degree programs.