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Students in the Field Examples through Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School Partnership

College of Education student at Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School.
  • ECI 205 Introduction to Teaching Humanities and Social Sciences
    • For prospective teachers in secondary and middle years social studies, English, language arts and foreign languages, this course emphasizes differing aspects and procedures of instruction and analysis of competencies required of teachers. Field work at schools such as Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School includes an extended period in one curriculum area.
  • The Outsiders Project
    • The Outsiders Project is a collaborative effort between Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School students and NC State College of Education pre-service teachers. During this project, senior and junior NC State students come to Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School to work with middle school students. 
  • STEM Ed Student Teaching
    • Through our partnership with the Wake County Public School System, NC State College of Education students gain invaluable training in the field to attain the confidence and experience needed to excel in their future teaching careers. We currently partner with Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School to provide field placements for all STEM undergraduate students. Through working in the classrooms at these public schools, students can put their skills and content knowledge into action while benefiting from support and feedback from faculty and peers.