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About the College of Education Change Agent Task Force

Our Vision

The College of Education community and the next generation of teachers and scholar leaders teach and lead in ways that disrupt structural inequities, value diversity and promote systemic change to advance social justice, anti-racism and educational equity.

Our Mission

The mission of the College of Education Change Agent Task Force is to empower our college community to:

  • Identify where structural racism exists within our curriculum, policies, rules and regulations, and practices.
  • Offer recommendations to deconstruct and recreate curriculum, policies, rules and regulations, and practices.
  • Recommend and identify resources, expertise and opportunities for the College of Education community to address systemic oppression and what they can do about it.
  • Become an anti-racist college by creating and supporting anti-racist policies and practices in action and in thought.

Our Values 

As a task force, we value justice, leadership, teamwork, compassion, service and openness to diverse perspectives. We commit to being change agents because we believe that racism and inequality are prevalent in our society and that education can make a powerful contribution to the eradication of injustice.

Our Community of Change Agents

Members of the task force include faculty, staff and students within the college who serve as liaisons, experts in diversity, equity and inclusion, and advisors relative to how we can make the college of education community a welcoming and supportive teaching and learning environment for everyone. The entire College of Education community is responsible for this task. The members of the task force review policies and practices across the college as well as collect/gather data on the culture/climate and demographics to provide recommendations to the dean of the college on changes that need to be made to be more inclusive and create a college climate that is diverse and equitable.