Instructional Technology (Digital Learning & Teaching)

mixed trio at laptopWelcome to the Web site for the Instructional Technology program at NC State. We are currently undergoing a revisioning process and expect to make the following changes during the 2014-15 academic year: a new program title (Digital Learning and Teaching); two new program area faculty and partnerships with other interdisciplinary faculty associated with the digital transformation of education cluster; three program strands that stand alone as certificates or can be mixed to earn a full degree (digital leadership, digital design, or digital inquiry); new capstone experiences by strand through which students apply their course knowledge to a project in an authentic setting; and new strategic program partners that offer students access to sites, data, and targeted opportunities for capstone projects and internships. 

The Instructional Technology faculty offer online M.Ed. and M.S. degrees in Instructional Technology (with 079 and 077 licensure options), and participate in the College of Education's PhD programs, mentoring students interested in research around digital learning innovations. Our degrees are designed for teachers or other education professionals who are interested in integrating technology into teaching and learning, and designing, developing, and researching technology-enhanced learning environments. Additional information about our degree programs can be found by clicking the links at left or the Masters/Doctoral icons below. Faculty affiliated with the I.T. program at N.C. State are also listed below. If you have questions about our degree programs, please contact the program coordinator, Kevin Oliver.

Find Us: Click on campus map section 4 at Scroll right to find building #24, Poe Hall. Public parking is across the railroad tracks in map section 3, building #99, Cates Avenue (Coliseum) Parking Deck. To reach public parking, turn off Pullen Road and circle around the parking deck on a series of one way roads--Dunn to Jeter to Cates. Entrance to public parking is off Cates Road on the bottom level (fee charged). Leave the deck and walk back toward Dunn Road. Take the pedestrian tunnel under the tracks and make your way to the right around SAS Hall. Poe Hall is directly ahead off Stinson Drive. Faculty offices are in Suites 402 and 602.

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Program Faculty

  • Teaching Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Research Scholar, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
  • Director of Evaluation Programs, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Education
  • Associate Professor
  • Senior Research Fellow
  • Teaching Assistant Professor, College of Education
  • Senior Research Scholar, Friday Institue of Educational Innovation
  • Executive Director, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation
  • Professor, Digital Learning and Teaching
  • Program Coordinator, Digital Learning & Teaching
  • Associate Professor, Digital Learning & Teaching
  • Director of Digital Learning Programs
  • Teaching Assistant Professor, Digital Learning & Teaching


Campus Box 7801
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, N.C. 27695-7801


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