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My Student Experience: Current NC State College of Education Students Reflect on Their Experiences in the College, Share Memories from Freshman Year

Students on campus

This is part of a monthly “My Student Experience” series in which the NC State College of Education highlights the student experience through profiles, stories and videos.

As the NC College of Education prepares to welcome its new class of first-year and transfer students, some current students reflect back on their experiences in the college and some of their favorite memories as freshmen.

Shannon CarneyShannon Carney ‘23, Mathematics Education

Shannon Carney ‘23 always knew she wanted to be a teacher. That made joining the NC State College of Education a pretty easy choice, but Carney says she had no idea she was signing herself up for such an incredible community. By the end of her first year, she became a passionate ambassador for the college.

“They say that people make or break an experience and the people in the College of Education definitely made mine. I love the NC State College of Education because everyone is so passionate about their work,” Carney said. “It’s rare to find a community where everyone’s number one goal is helping people succeed, but that’s exactly what education is all about.”

Amaya DickerAmaya Dicker ‘21, Middle Grades English Language Arts and Social Studies Education

Amaya Dicker ‘21 chose the NC State College of Education because she knew she would be supported and challenged. But she was most excited for the opportunities to get into the field early and get comfortable inside the classroom, which is exactly the experience she has gotten.

Dicker enjoyed being a part of the Students Advocating for Youth (SAY) Village, where she was able to mentor elementary and middle school youth on a weekly basis during her freshman and sophomore years. Her favorite memory from her first year is meeting with her mentee for the last time and reflecting on the growth they had made and the year they had.

“What I love most about the college is the overwhelming support that I have, whether it’s the professors, the advising staff or my peers. I know that they love me, they support me and they are passionate about the same things I am passionate about,” Dicker said. “And when I leave, they will still be there to support me as a first-year teacher and beyond.”

Hannah EhmannHannah Ehmann ‘21, Secondary Science Education

Hannah Ehmann ‘21 chose the NC State College of Education after visiting the Ed Showcase during her senior year of high school. From that experience, she felt a welcoming and supportive environment that she knew she wanted to be a part of. What she loves most about the college, she says, is how supportive everyone is, from the faculty advisors to the professors, and sometimes even strangers, who are all willing to help if you ask.

“My best memories from freshman year come from living in SAY Village, the Living and Learning Community that is housed in Syme Hall. It was so nice to be able to meet and become friends with students that had the same goals as me,” Ehmann said. “We also had some really fun times. Some highlights include creating dance videos after our Tuesday meetings and building snowmen that quickly got demolished.”

Maggie LallyMaggie Lally ‘22, Technology, Engineering, and Design Education

Maggie Lally ‘22 came to the NC State College of Education because of the small class sizes and the technology, engineering, and design education program. But it’s the people she loves the most about the college. Lally says she can name almost everyone in her major and that the professors are supportive, caring and really challenge each of them to be the best they can be. And her major has provided opportunities for her to build connections and community.

“My best memory from my first year in the College of Education is attending the TEECA (Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association) East, a conference in Delaware, for the technology, engineering, and design education students. It was there where I got closer to my classmates and my professors and had a great time,” Lally said.

Eric WylieEric Wylie ‘23, Elementary Education

Eric Wylie ‘23 always knew he wanted to be an elementary school teacher. So he chose the NC State College of Education because he knew that experience would fully prepare him to make a difference in his classroom. He knew he would be as prepared as possible to make a difference in the lives of his students and get them excited about learning. The college, Wylie says, feels almost like a family and that’s what he loves most about it. He’s also gotten involved on campus.

“As an incoming freshman within the first couple of weeks of school, I auditioned for the NC State a cappella group and I got accepted into Grains of Time. And on January 11, 2020, we had our concert, the first concert I ever got to be a part of and it was an absolute blast.”