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3 College of Education Students Selected to Join Inaugural Goodnight Doctoral Fellowship Cohort

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NC State University in December announced the creation of the Goodnight Doctoral Fellowship to provide funding support for graduate students whose research focuses on STEM or education. The inaugural cohort includes 30 doctoral students from seven colleges, including three students in the College of Education: 

  • Gordon Maples is a doctoral student in the Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development Higher Education Opportunity, Equity and Justice Concentration. Maples’ research focuses on studies on the religious, spiritual and secular landscape for college students, examinations of portrayals of higher education in popular culture, and analyses of higher education marketing and communications, among other projects focused on colleges and/or college students. “Being named a Goodnight Doctoral Fellow felt like a validation of years of effort within the College of Education,” Maples said. 
  • Janell Miller is a doctoral student in the Ph.D. in Teacher Education and Learning Sciences Literacy and English Language Arts Education concentration. Her research interests include critical theories, culturally responsive pedagogies, classroom discourse and restorative justice education. “The fact that I was chosen as a Goodnight Doctoral Fellow means the world to me. There have been many compromises involved in pursuing a Ph.D. full-time, especially financial ones. But getting chosen as a Goodnight Doctoral Fellow will make sure that I can benefit from worthwhile opportunities like attending and presenting at educational conferences,” Miller said.
  • Cassie Rubinstein is a doctoral student in the Ph.D. in Teacher Education and Learning Sciences Educational Equity concentration. Her research focuses on race, racialization, educational policy and sociopolitical discourse. “It is a privilege to receive an award that will carry me throughout my academic journey at NC State. While my advisor and my professors have provided exemplary support, this level of assistance as both a student and a scholar makes an incredible difference,” Rubinstein said.