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Author: Janine Bowen

woman working on a laptop

Jul 29, 2021

Professor John Nietfeld To Help Improve Student Success Using Self-regulated Learning Through Work on Grant-funded Project

John Nietfeld, Ph.D., a professor of educational psychology in the NC State College of Education, is helping to improve student learning and success in introductory geoscience courses through his work on… 

Assistant Professor K.C. Busch discusses climate change education

Jul 22, 2021

Ask the Expert: How Can Teachers Address Climate Change in the Classroom? ‘I Believe That Explicit Discussion About Why There are Differences in How We View Climate Change Would Do Well in a Classroom,’ Says Assistant Professor K.C. Busch

Addressing the topic of climate change in the classroom involves more than just teaching about science and data, says Assistant Professor K.C. Busch, Ph.D. There is the scientific side -- where knowledge about how climate is created, how it has changed over time and the impact of those changes are shared -- but there is also a social side. 

NC State College of Education Graduate Student Tia Canada '22MED

Jul 15, 2021

Graduate Student Tia Canada ’22MED Selected to Receive NC State’s Witherspoon Graduate Fellowship

Tia Canada ’22MED, a graduate student in the NC State College of Education’s higher education administration program, has been selected as one of seven graduate students to receive NC State’s Witherspoon Graduate Fellowship. 

A teacher works with students in an elementary school classroom

Jul 13, 2021

Elementary Education Program Spotlight: ‘We Share a Commitment to Seeing Our Students Succeed and Ensuring Our Graduates Are Excellent Elementary Teachers’

Through coursework, field placements and propinquity, the NC State College of Education’s elementary education program is preparing future teachers who rank among the most effective in the state. 

A photo of a space shuttle used to explain engineering graphics

Jul 13, 2021

Book Co-authored by Professor Aaron Clark Aims to Help Students Succeed in Engineering Graphics Courses

A new book co-authored by Aaron Clark, Ed.D., professor of technology, engineering, and design education and head of the Department of STEM Education in the NC State College of Education, is aiming to help students most at-risk of dropping out of STEM studies be successful in engineering graphics courses. 

Belk Center Executive Director and NC State College of Education Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor Audrey Jaeger

Jul 6, 2021

Business North Carolina: N.C. Nonprofit, Endowment Push Adults to Complete Degrees

Belk Center for Community College Leadership and Research Audrey Jaeger, Ph.D., is part of the Better Skills, Better Jobs initiative, an ambitious pilot program with five community colleges this summer to recruit adult learners to enroll in the colleges for the fall semester. 

NC State College of Education Assistant Professor Jamie Pearson, Ph.D.

Jul 6, 2021

Assistant Professor Jamie Pearson Will Use IES Early Career Grant To Help Connect Black Children, Families To Autism Services and Supports

Black children often face disparities when it comes to being diagnosed with autism and, although the delay in autism identification has decreased in recent years, NC State College of Education Assistant Professor Jamie Pearson, Ph.D., is aiming to help Black families be better equipped to access services through a new grant-funded project. 

METRC Assistant Director Laura B. Fogle with NC State College of Education Associate Dean John Lee, Ph.D.

Jun 30, 2021

METRC Assistant Director Laura B. Fogle Receives NC State’s Award for Excellence for Outstanding Service

When instruction shifted online in March of 2020, METRC Assistant Director Laura B. Fogle provided support and guidance to College of Education faculty, staff and students while helping to address the digital divide through her Digital Durham initiative. 

Two adult learners work side-by-side in a classroom

Jun 29, 2021

Belk Center Study Finds Inequitable Outcomes Among Community College Transfer Students

North Carolina’s revised Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA), designed to help ease transfer pathways between community colleges and University of North Carolina System institutions, appears to be producing different outcomes for students of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, according to a study published by NC State College of Education’s Belk Center for Community College Leadership and Research. 

Angela Wiseman

Jun 25, 2021

Associate Professor Angela Wiseman: ‘I Want My Students To Be Teachers Who Will Encourage, Support and Understand All Children’

Associate Professor Angela Wiseman, Ph.D., comes from four generations of teachers, but she initially didn’t plan to follow in those footsteps. However, when she was excused from one day of her high school classes to volunteer in an elementary school, she fell in love with being surrounded by young children and the idea of teaching.