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Education Council Honors 17 Undergraduate Students During the NC State College of Education’s 11th Annual Education Council Spotlight Awards Ceremony

2021 Spotlight Awards

The NC State College of Education recognized 17 students with awards for their leadership, achievements and dedication to the field of education during its 11th Annual Education Council Spotlight Awards Ceremony on Friday, April 16. The ceremony was held virtually. 

“We are here to recognize students for their commitment to leadership and service throughout the academic year. The ‘educate, innovate and inspire’ motto is taken to heart by all students in the College of Education,” said Education Council President Abby Earp. “Students worked tirelessly to contribute to their communities and the world in meaningful ways. They strive to become the best that they can be; therefore, it is fitting that we recognize the efforts of these students and their dedication to the college and their respective organizations.” 

During the ceremony, the current Education Council executive board, the student ambassadors and the N.C. State Teaching Fellows were recognized for their leadership and contributions to the college. Cyndi Edgington, Ph.D., assistant teaching professor of mathematics education, gave the keynote address, which was focused on the importance of student involvement. 

Executive board members of the Education Council, the umbrella organization for all student organizations within the College of Education, presented the awards.

This year’s award winners are listed below.

College of Education Spotlight Awards

College of Education Spirit AwardShannon Carney

Shannon Carney
Mathematics and Mathematics Education

“It is such an honor to be presented with the College of Education Spirit Award. Knowing that my passion for education is clear to those around me is so encouraging, since I hope that I can demonstrate it to my future students as well. I feel beyond blessed to have the support of my peers and faculty in a college that I have so much love for.”

Community Service AwardMartia Williams

Martia Williams
Mathematics Education

“I feel so honored to be the recipient of the Community Service Award. I love to serve because I see it as an extension of my learning as a teacher. I believe that the best way to grow as an educator is not just to limit yourself to learning inside the classroom but to seek out opportunities to serve students and the community outside of the classroom. It may be time consuming and challenging at times, but this award serves as a reminder that even when you can’t see the immediate results of your service to others, you are still making an impact.”

Rising Leader AwardElizabeth Stavrakakis

Elizabeth Stavrakakis
Elementary Education

“I feel so honored to have won the 2021 Rising Leader Award and know it would not have been possible without all of the support I have been given from the College of Education. I am just so thankful to be a part of NC State’s College of Education.”

Golden Apple Future Teacher AwardMaya Dicker

Amaya Dicker
Middle Grades English Language Arts and Social Studies Education

“It feels great to be recognized for all of my work this year and I appreciate the Education Council for putting such an awesome virtual award show together. I feel so honored to be awarded the Golden Apple Future Teacher Award. This award is not only representative of the work that I have done in my student teaching but also speaks to the dedication of all of my professors, mentors and my cooperating teacher who have molded me to be the person and teacher I am. I would not be in this position without those people.”

Outstanding Club Members

Student Ambassadors

Eileen Casler


Eileen Casler, Elementary Education



Education Council

Jessica Terrones


Jessica Terrones, Mathematics Education 



Elementary Education Organization (ELMO)

Jessica Hawkins


Jessica Hawkins, Elementary Education




Sophie Satkowiak


Sophie Satkowiak, Elementary Education



Multicultural Young Educators Network (MYEN)


Kita Adams, Psychology



North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCCTM)

Megan Pryor


Megan Pryor, Mathematics and Mathematics Education



National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)

David George


David George, Science Education




Micah Lloyd


Micah Lloyd, Science Education



Passport to Success

Anne Marie Mullis


Anne Marie Mullis, English Education




Catherine Dean


Catherine Dean, Elementary Education




Elizabeth Stavrakakis


Elizabeth Stavrakakis, Elementary Education




Jessica Terrones


Jessica Terrones, Mathematics Education



SAY Village

Ashton Jones


Ashton Jones, Science Education



Student North Carolina Association of Educators (SNCAE)

Autumn Currin


Autumn Currin, Elementary Education



Technology and Engineering Education Collegiate Association (TEECA)

Aiman Hussein


Aiman Hussein, Technology, Engineering, and Design Education