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[Video] Student-Authors Read Excerpts from Published Works at Inaugural Reading Celebration

A photo of students reading stories from their work with the Literacy and Community Initiative

The Literacy and Community Initiative (LCI) — a collaboration among the NC State College of Education’s Department of Teacher Education and Learning Sciences and Friday Institute for Educational Innovation along with community-based organizations — investigates and promotes the power of voice among historically underserved students by supporting literacy learning in educational community-based organizations.

In the past year, LCI worked with Wake County’s Juntos program and Durham’s Bull City YouthBuild to publish three student-authored books of personal stories and poems that reflect their experiences in their communities.

Below student-authors read excerpts from their published books — Blueprints, Strong and Unbroken and The Roots of Our People — at LCI’s Inaugural Reading Celebration held March 29, 2019.