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Career Builders: The Role of Counseling and Youth Support Services inGlobal Workforce Development

Project Team:

Sponsor: RTI International

Project Total: $120,123


Education and workforce development have been identified as next generation global grand challenges.  Youth populations represent the future capacity of the world, and globally inter-dependent economies rely on healthy citizens to support labor markets. Concurrently, youth world-wide face increasing challenges resulting in spiraling gaps in educational achievement, earning potential, and other heightened psychosocial risks, thus perpetuating their marginalization within society.

Interdisciplinary scholar-leaders across research, practice, and policy domains recognize the criticality of effective career interventions, yet there remains much to be learned in terms of what elements facilitate effectiveness and thus, should be central to funding and policy initiatives. Moreover, there is a notable need for empirically supported interventions as well as clearer connections between practice and policy. To address these issues, the primary goal of this collaborative research project is to identify relevant indicators of success in global career development through (1) developing culturally-appropriate career and psychosocial support interventions; (2) creating capacity building infrastructure for knowledge sharing; and (3) disseminating knowledge to relevant stakeholder groups.