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A Networked MOOC for Teaching Statistics Through Data Investigations: An initiative of HIRiSE at the Friday Institute @ NC State

Project Team:

Sponsor: American Statistical Association

Project Total: $15,000


HIRiSE is a new initiative at the Friday Institute to serve as a Hub for Innovation and Research in Statistics Education. Dr. Hollylynne Lee serves as the director for HIRiSE. Our goal is foster a variety of development and research efforts that improves education in K-16 towards developing future data scientists, statisticians, and citizens who are ready to make data informed decisions. The first major effort in HIRiSE has been the development of a Massive Open Online Course for Educators [MOOCEd] focused on Teaching Statistics Through Data Investigations [TSDI,funded from Hewlett Foundation]. The TSDI MOOCED allows teachers to learn, along with colleagues from other schools, to use a statistical investigation cycle to teach statistics and to help students explore data to make evidence based claims. Having served over 2000 educators from around the globe in the past year, we want to focus on how these online course materials can better prepare teachers and thus impact their students. The purpose of the Networked MOOCED for Teaching Statistics Through Data Investigations is to help facilitate these past participants to become local leaders of a professional learning team focused on teaching statistics and to develop a sustainable way that the TSDI MOOCED can continue to be used by local professional teams for many years to come.