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Kailee Storie ’23: ‘I Chose Education Because I Want to Be Another Pivotal Figure in a Student’s Life’

Kailee Storie in cap and gown standing in front of a school bus.

Growing up, Kailee Storie ’23 constantly saw the impact her mother and grandmother, who were both teachers, had on their students. Wanting to impact children’s lives in the same way, Kailee Storie enrolled in the College of Education to become an educator herself. 

Now, as she prepares to graduate with her bachelor’s degree in elementary education, with a special education add-on licensure, she is planning to teach fourth and fifth grade students while continuing her education through graduate school. 

Learn more about Kailee Storie:

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

Major/Area of Study: Elementary Education with an add-on licensure in Special Education

Activities (Research or Extracurricular): North Carolina Teaching Fellows, Wake Future Teachers, Passport to Success, SAY Village and DAY Village

Why did you choose the NC State College of Education?

I chose the NC State College of Education because of the prestigious programs and opportunities given to all students. The NC State College of Education has been known to develop extraordinary educators, and I wanted to be a part of that.

Why did you choose your area of study?

I chose my area of study because I wanted to be a pivotal figure in students’ lives. My grandma and mom were teachers, so I understand a teacher’s grave importance in a child’s life. To this day, my mom and grandma run into previous students who constantly mention their positive impact on their lives! I want to be a teacher that is never forgotten, just as my grandma and mom are.

What’s your next step? What do you have planned after graduation?

My next steps after graduation are teaching 4th-5th grade cross-curricular resource students and attending graduate school.

How has the College of Education prepared you for that next step?

The College of Education has prepared me for teaching and further education by equipping me with the tools I need to succeed. Education is a profession in which you can never stop learning. I am confident in my knowledge and abilities through the College of Education and am comfortable enough to ask questions.

What do you eventually hope to accomplish in your field?

I hope to obtain a master’s degree in special education. After I get my master’s, I eventually want to return to school to receive a Ph.D. surrounding the field of special education.

Do you have a favorite memory from your time in the College of Education?

My favorite memory from my time in the College of Education was the first day we were all back in person after online classes. Every professor and student was welcoming and eager to return to the classroom. It was a beautiful thing to see.

Tell us about an experience you had with the College of Education that had the biggest impact on you or your career.

An experience that I had with the College of Education that had the most significant impact on me and my career was going to the Youth at Risk Conference in Savannah, Georgia. This conference took place during the spring break of my first year. During this conference, we were able to attend professional development events, network with other educators across the nation and obtain meaningful resources that we could use for our future classrooms!

Why did you choose education?

I chose education because I want to be another pivotal figure in a student’s life, just as my grandma and mom were to so many.