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Class of 2023

graduating student

Dec 12, 2023

Meet Our December Class of 2023

A school counselor who persevered through the pandemic. The director of NC State’s African American Cultural Center. Nonprofit founders and future teachers. These are just some of the 149 new alumni the NC State College of Education will celebrate during our December 2023 Graduation Ceremony on Dec. 15 in Reynolds Coliseum. 

Dec 7, 2023

angela gay-audre ’23PHD: ‘I Believe Education Has Emancipatory Principles — That When Given Access, People Are Able to Have More Choices’

angela gay-audre '23PHD, the director of NC State's African American Cultural Center, believes in the world-building potential of endarkened women and wants to expand the literature in ways that honors their ways of knowing. 

Felix Morton IV

Dec 7, 2023

Felix Morton IV ’23PHD: ‘I Chose Counseling Because I Wanted to Become What I Needed Most Growing Up’

When Felix Morton IV entered the counseling profession, his goal was to become the Black male therapist and educator he wished he had growing up. 

Anna Jarnagin

Dec 6, 2023

Anna Jarnagin ’23MAT: ‘Having a Distance Learning Environment Was What I Needed To Be Able To Go Back to School and Work Full Time’

After earning her degree in biology and working in a lab for a number of years, Anna Jarnagin '23MAT decided to take the leap and become a high school science teacher. 

Cameron Moore, left, with her fellow Teaching Fellows.

Dec 6, 2023

Cameron Moore ’23: ‘I Hope To Show Each Student That They Are Important and Be a Supportive Member in Their Education’

Cameron Moore '23 comes from multiple generations of Wolfpack alumni, and, this December, she will join their ranks when she graduates with her bachelor's degree in mathematics education. 

Dec 6, 2023

NC State College of Education’s Ph.D. in Teacher Education and Learning Sciences Educational Equity Concentration Graduates First Two Students

This December, Valencia Hicks-Harris '23PHD and Lonnie Manns '23PHD will be the first two students to graduate from the NC State College of Education's Ph.D. in Teacher Education and Learning Sciences educational equity concentration. 

May 11, 2023

Mwenda Kudumu ’23PHD: ‘It’s Been My Mission to Popularize Science in Black and Brown Communities’

When she was growing up in San Diego, the Fleet Science Center was a fixture in Mwenda Kudumu's life. Now, as a recent graduate of the NC State College of Education's Learning and Teaching in STEM program, Kudumu is returning to Fleet Science Center, not as a visitor, but as its vice president of community service and engagement. 

Graduating Student London Tolson holding up wolf ears

May 2, 2023

Meet Our Class of 2023

A proud Wolfpack mom celebrating her son and daughter’s graduation. A community college leader. Impactful researchers and future teachers. These are just some of the almost 360 new alumni the NC State College of Education will celebrate during our Spring 2023 Graduation Ceremony on May 5. 

Apr 27, 2023

Aisha Raja ’23 Pursues Passion for Design Through NC State College of Education

Aisha Raja's passion for design drew her to NC State, but, as an exploratory studies major, she was not sure how best to pursue her passion until she discovered the NC State College of Education's technology, engineering, and design education program. 

London Tolson

Apr 26, 2023

London Tolson ’23: ‘I Chose the College of Education Because the Professors and Programs are Considered Some of the Best in North Carolina’

As she graduates with her bachelor’s degree in technology, engineering and design, with a concentration in graphic communications, London Tolson '23 is looking forward to applying the skills she’s learned in the college to one day become a leader in her field.