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Aisha Raja ’23 Pursues Passion for Design Through NC State College of Education

Aisha Raja’s passion for design drew her to NC State, but, as an exploratory studies major, she was not sure how best to pursue her passion until she discovered the NC State College of Education’s technology, engineering, and design education program.

“I was instantly drawn to it because it seemed like a hands-on design program and that was exactly what I was looking for,” Raja said. 

The opportunity to learn new skills in the design field appealed to Raja. For example, in one class she explored Autodesk 3ds Max, a computer graphics program, by creating an animation of the life cycle of a butterfly. In another course, she gained video editing skills while also discovering, along with her classmates, how much fun it could be to create a film.

“We couldn’t take anything seriously because we had to act in the video,” Raja said. “Every scene that we tried to shoot, we ended up laughing.”

Raja’s interest in learning new skills is what drew her to an internship with the College of Education’s marketing and communications team.

“The posting just screamed, ‘Oh, you have a chance to do this; you have a chance to do this,'” Raja said. “That’s why I decided to go with this internship.”

In addition to a variety of design projects, Raja was able to use her editing skills to create a video that showcased the College of Education’s impact across the state.

To make the video, Raja learned how to use Adobe After Effects and she said she enjoyed the opportunity to see it through, from storyboard to finished project. 

“Just seeing it come to life — that was pretty cool,” Raja said.

After graduation, Raja hopes to use her wide range of skills to work in the field of UX, or user experience. Raja said the College of Education has prepared her for this field, particularly by increasing her awareness of how to ensure products are accessible to others.

“One of the biggest things I took away from College of Education is the significance and importance of inclusive and accessible design,” Raja said. “I think these two concepts are becoming more and more important in the design field.”

Of all the skills Raja has gained, education is one she knows she will use going forward.

“In every field, there are times where you need to instruct people,” Raja said. “Just being able to teach somebody the knowledge that you know— I think it’s rewarding to see them being able to understand it and apply it.”