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Report: NC State Largest Producer of Mathematics Education Doctorates in N.C., 5th Largest in U.S.

Court of North Carolina

NC State University is the largest producer of doctoral graduates in mathematics education in North Carolina and the fifth largest producer of doctoral graduates in mathematics education in the nation, according to a new independent report published in the February edition of the Notices of the American Mathematical Society.

That report — “Doctoral Programs in Mathematics Education” by Robert Reys (University of Missouri-Columbia), Barbara Reys (University of Missouri-Columbia), Jeff Shih (University of Nevada-Las Vegas) and Farshid Safi (University of Central Florida-Orlando) — found NC State produced 73 doctoral graduates in mathematics education from 1987-2016, making it the fifth largest producer among 205 institutions that graduated at least one doctorate in mathematics education in the U.S. over the same time period.

“This report recognizes our excellent faculty who work hard to develop the field of mathematics education and better prepare mathematics educators,” said Dr. Aaron Clark, the head of the NC State College of Education’s Department of STEM Education, which is home to the doctorate in mathematics education program. “Their efforts have positioned us to be the top-ranked doctoral program for mathematics education in North Carolina.”

The same report also identified how active faculty members in the field perceive doctoral mathematics education programs across the country. NC State ranked No. 12 in a 2016 national survey of peer-based identification, moving up seven spots from a previous survey conducted in 2007.

“Our faculty in mathematics education actively publish their research in top-tier journals, present their work at conferences nationally and internationally, and provide leadership in professional organizations,” said Dr. Karen Hollebrands, graduate coordinator for mathematics education. “These activities, along with a commitment to support full-time doctoral students, contribute to the national reputation of our mathematics education program and support the change in rankings over the past decade.”

In addition to being North Carolina’s largest supplier of doctorates in mathematics education, the NC State College of Education is North Carolina’s largest producer of educators licensed to teach STEM subjects in K-12 schools. Its faculty also rank among the most productive STEM education researchers in the nation.