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METRC Space Usage Policy

While METRC cannot be reserved in its entirety, we invite our patrons to consult with us about hosting events for clubs, classes, or other purposes. In order to accommodate the diverse uses of METRC all requests must meet the following criteria: 

  • The event requires resources specific to METRC,  whether it be staff, technology, makerspace equipment, in-house technology (i.e. multiple TV screens), or other METRC-specific items.
  • METRC will remain open to students, faculty, staff, and other patrons during the event (if during normal business hours).
  • Refreshments served in the main space are available to anyone in the library. Please book the conference room for event-only refreshments or food.
  • If your event goes beyond normal METRC business hours (such as after 4pm on a Friday) please make arrangements with METRC staff for closing. We ask that you make sure the space is closed, trash is put away, the lights are turned off, and all patrons have left the library.