NCSU students, faculty, and staff must have money in an AllCampus account to print 8 1/2 x 11 copies/printouts or posters.

METRC does not provide printing services to those without university AllCampus accounts. Printing is available at FedEx Office across the street from the D. H. Hill Library, at 2712 Hillsborough Street.

To get started, add money to your AllCampus account at

Refund requests for unsatisfactory print jobs are processed through Wolfprint.

Available Printers:

  • Black and White – $.06 – “Wolfprint-BlackAndWhite” Located in METRC
  • Color – $.025 – “WolfPrint-Color” or “Poe-422-color1” Located in room 422

Printing from a laptop:

  • Your file must be saved as a PDF
  • Go to
  • Select “Click Here to Continue” and log in
  • Select “Web Print” from the left column
  • Select “Submit a Job”
  • Select the “WolfPrint-BlackAndWhite” or “WolfPrint-Color”
  • Change copies if necessary and select “3. Upload Documents”
  • Click “Upload from computer” and find your PDF file
  • Select “Upload and Complete”

Printing from a METRC PC or Mac:

  • Bring up the file you want to print and select “Print” from the appropriate menu
  • Select a Printer à Black and White Printouts: Select “Wolfprint-BlackAndWhite” or Color Printouts: Select “Poe-422-color1”

Printing from a mobile device:

  • Upload the file you want to print to Google Drive
  • Log in to the NCSU wireless network
  • Open the PDF or other document in Google Drive
  • Select print and “Wolfprint-BlackandWhite”
  • Open an internet browser window and log in at
  • The print job should pop up to accept and then you can go to the printer to release the print job

Retrieve your print job from the printer:

  • Find the printer
  • Swipe your ID card or login with your Unity ID and password on the screen
  • Select the ‘Print Release’ icon
  • Select ‘Print all’ to print multiple files or select the arrow next to the individual filename
  • Select ‘Print’
  • Select ‘Logout’ when finished printing your files.

Printing a Poster -- METRC:

Print Quota

  • The plotter or poster printer is a WolfCopy printer.  This means you must have print quota on your All Campus account.  You can add print quota online through by using a debit or credit card.
  • The cost to use the plotter printer is $1.60 per square foot.  For a typical 36 X 48 poster, we recommend you add $20 to your print quota account. Wolf Xpress can also print posters and charge to a department account.

Poster Design

  • Because of the limitations of our printer, one side of your poster can be no longer than 36 inches – typical research posters are 36×48
  • Web images will be pixilated so we recommend not using images in your poster from the Web.
  • Your poster must be saved as a PDF file.
  • A general template can be found on the NC State Brand page and this template will help you create in Google Slides

Printing Your Poster

  • It is best to print your poster between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm, and you should plan to allow anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on the amount of graphics in your poster.
  • You can find research poster starter templates on the NC State University brand page under “Research Poster”
  • You must use a Mac in the METRC to print your poster.
  • Open your PDF file in Preview — located in the “Admin Launcher” on the desktop -Preview is the Mac version of Adobe.
  1. Select the File menu and “Print”
  2. Select the Poe-400-Plot1 as the printer.
  3. Click on “Show Details” at the bottom of the print dialogue box
  4. Select ARCH E for your paper size, and click print.
  5. You will be prompted to enter your Unity password.

To verify that your poster is in the queue, check the page.