Come to the NCSU College of Education METRC and PLAY! Put together circuits, make a button, use Legos to be creative, print in 3-D and more. For lesson plan ideas, instructional videos, etc. go to

Available equipment includes Little Bits sets, robotics (Sphero, Dash and Dot, and others), Snap Circuits, Piper Computer Kits, Arduino, Hot Wheels Sets, Osmo, Ozobot, and more. Contact Laura Fogle to learn more about what’s available and plan lessons together.

Maker Education Resources:

Visit our Makerspace

Cricut, Button Making, Paper Crafts

Two Cricut cutting machines and button maker are always available as well as additional supplies -- scissors, markers, etc. for classroom material creation. Think beyond the traditional bulletin board.


Building with Legos allows for creativity, process thinking, logic/physics in making something work and more. Use Legos to tell stories or express emotions.


If you are just getting started, play with the Makey-Makey (a circuit board that mirrors keyboard/mouse controls) or with the Little Bits to make snap-together, color-coded circuits that turn on lights, make sounds, etc.
Feeling more adventurous, code something using Scratch programming and then connect the Makey-Makey to make it work.

Going further? Try snap circuits - a step up from Little Bits.

Want to really get into it? Take a TDE Electronics and/or Robotics class and then try programming an Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

Multi-Media - Video, Sound, etc.

The three Mac computers in the Makerspace can be used for:
iMovie - use to create/edit video (also great on the iPad)
iPhoto - create a slide show - add effects
GarageBand or Audacity - edit audio, write songs, create a sound track or podcast
PosterMaker - create a poster for display
Use Adobe products for a variety of desktop publishing - Illustrator, inDesign and Photoshop


Currently you can play with our X-Box or Wii-U systems in the collaborative space next to our main entrance.
Try Minecraft on the Xbox to see the thinking kids must do to be successful. Check out these gaming lesson plans and ideas!

We are developing a game lab area to allow you to develop your own gaming.Try these sites for education game development: