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Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor, Department Head Joy Gaston Gayles Encourages New NC State Students to Take Lessons from Wolves in Convocation Speech

Joy Gaston Gayles, Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor and head of the Department of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Human Development in the NC State College of Education, welcomed a new class of students to NC State during her speech at the university’s New Student Convocation in Reynolds Coliseum on Aug. 20. 

She drew on her own research into student success to encourage the new students to engage with faculty during their time at the university and to put into practice the following three “Lessons from Wolves”:

  • Be Wonderful Communicators: “ As you matriculate at NC State, you will need to hone your communication skills. Clear, frequent and consistent communication is key to your success. Communication helps you build positive relationships with faculty and campus administrators. Frequent communication and interaction with faculty will help faculty get to know you as a student and a person.”
  • Weather the Storm: “ You will grow and change so much over the next four years. But growth does not come without challenge – our faculty and administrators are here to support you through the challenges that come your way. Stick with the challenges, help and support each other, identify and use your resources and ask for what you need.”
  • Know How to Work and Play: “It’s essential when living in environments that challenge us intellectually to engage in other activities that bring you joy, make you smile, and tap into other aspects of your creativity…You’ll be surprised at how many solutions to complex problems rise to the surface when you allow yourself and your brain to play, have fun, and rest.”