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To the College of Education Graduating Class of 2023: ‘Our World Needs You’

The NC State College of Education welcomed more than 360 new alumni during the Spring 2023 graduation ceremony on May 5, 2023. Below is a recap of the event. 

Number of Graduating Students: 368 students graduated from the College of Education on May 5, including 35 doctoral students, 205 master’s students and 128 undergraduate students. 

Charge to Graduate Students: 

Abraham Luis Dones, who earned an Ed.D. in Adult and Community College Education, delivered the charge to graduate students, reminding them that they could not have reached this milestone without encouragement and support from others.

Dones thanked his own mother, Miriam Dones Olivo, who instilled in him the importance of education and modeled this lesson by earning an associate’s and bachelor’s degree as an adult learner. As the first in his family to earn a doctoral degree, Dones reminded fellow graduates the power that they, too, have to inspire others. 

In the spirit of the African philosophy of Ubuntu, Dones said, “We grow because of the progression of others.” 

“When it is all said and done, it was the educator who instilled the possibility of the

potential of one’s mind. The ability to influence and inspire someone is not relegated to where

we are academically or professionally. Our ability to transform lives through education could

never be compensated,” he said. “The experience of an educator is invaluable, and the College of Education Class of 2023 will set a new precedence for the profession.”

Charge to Undergraduate Students

Kailee Storie, who earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education with a special education add-on licensure, delivered the charge to undergraduate students, using an acrostic poem to share how being part of the Pack impacted her College of Education journey and will carry her — and she hopes her fellow graduating students, too – through hardships going forward. 

P for Perseverance

A for Acceptance

C for Collaboration

K for Kindness

“As we graduate, whatever path we take in education, we are always members of the PACK. That means through our future failures and hardships, we will show perseverance. In our workplaces and classrooms, we will show acceptance. Through our projects, we will participate in collaboration. But most importantly, we will show kindness in every encounter,” she said.

To start off her charge to the undergraduate students, Kailee Storie led the crowd in the Wolfpack chant.

Remarks from Dean Paola Sztajn

During her remarks, College of Education Dean Paola Sztajn took the time to recognize the impact of College of Education faculty and staff as well as family and friends’ impact on the success of graduating students. She also recognized all current and past educators in attendance before reminding graduating students of the impact they will have in their future classrooms. 

“I want to encourage you, whatever route you take in education, to leverage your skills, talents and experiences — together with the preparation you have received in our college —to advance the greater good,” she said. “Our world needs you.”