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Professor Meg Blanchard Selected to Join 2022 Cohort of ACC Academic Leaders Network

Professor and University Faculty Scholar Meg Blanchard

Meg Blanchard, a professor of science education in the NC State College of Education and a University Faculty Scholar, has been selected to join the 2022 cohort of the ACC Academic Leaders Network.  

The Academic Leaders Network (ALN) is a collaborative leadership program for faculty at Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) institutions who aspire to leadership roles in higher education. Launched in 2018, the ALN program is designed to facilitate cross-institutional collaboration while building leadership capacity, and enables participants to deepen their understanding of higher education administration and broaden awareness of higher education leadership needs and changes. 

Five participants are selected annually from each of the 15 ACC member institutions. 

“I am honored that Senior Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs Katharine Stewart and Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Warwick Arden afforded me this opportunity. This feels like the next step in my career growth as an academic leader,” Blanchard said.  “I will find ways to translate this experience into benefits for the students and faculty in my STEM education department, the College of Education and my other networks across NC State University.”

ACC fellows will participate in a variety of multi-institutional events throughout the year, including sessions at Virginia Tech, Boston College and the University of Virginia. 

Blanchard said the dedicated time ALN provides to think about processes and collaborate with faculty from other institutions will help to both create new ideas and share successful strategies across universities and colleges. 

“I think that interacting with academic leaders from multiple institutions will spur me to think more broadly about university systems and learn ways that other ACC schools are working to attain their strategic goals,” she said. “Hopefully I will learn new skills that will help me in my work to improve graduate education at NC State in my role as director of graduate programs for STEM education.”