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Exploring Social Issues and Youth Advocacy through New #PasstheMicYouth Podcast

Christy Byrd
Christy Byrd

Christy Byrd, an assistant professor of applied developmental sciences at the NC State College of Education, has heard a lot of people talk about how important it is to empower young people to use their voices. Through the new #PasstheMicYouth podcast that launches May 2, she’s found a way to help three undergraduate students find and use their actual voices for social change.

“This project is really exciting because it is a different platform,” Byrd said. “They have found a way to reach a broad audience with their voices and the voices of the people who they will interview.”

The podcast — hosted by three undergraduate students Sam Chan, Luke Shealy and Nyawira Nyota — aims to investigate the role young people play in leadership and civic engagement while highlighting youth-centered issues and youth leaders in action.

Maru Gonzalez and Katie McKee, both assistant professors in the Department of Agricultural and Human Sciences, also serve alongside Byrd as faculty advisors on the project.

In each episode, the hosts will explore different social issues by engaging with guests who have experienced significant social change first-hand. The first guest shares her experience visiting family in Nicaragua during a time of protest. Each episode will also offer an activity or guided discussions questions to further support open dialogue and reflection.

Additionally, the hosts are working with Byrd, Gonzalez and McKee to develop an educator toolbox complete with a youth-centered, youth co-created leadership development activities in addition to producing each episode in the hopes that #PasstheMicYouth can serve as a pedagogical resource for other students.

Byrd and the #PasstheMicYouth team will host a podcast launch reception Thursday, May 2, in Poe Hall Room 120 at 3 p.m.