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NC State Education Receives $12+ Million in Research Grants Between June-August 2018

Memorial Belltower at dusk.

NC State College of Education faculty were awarded $12,443,243 to support nine research projects in June, July and August. In FY 2018, faculty received a total of $28,038,462 in awards.

The following is a list of newly awarded grants received by the NC State College of Education from June 1, 2018, to Aug. 15, 2018.

Title: Envisioning Excellence for Community College Leadership
Summary:  This new grant will significantly advance the NC State College of Education’s efforts to support the state’s community colleges in three ways: further the preparation of future community college presidents, provide ongoing leadership development to community college executives and trustees, and build capacity for evidence-based decision-making and applied research.
Principal Investigator: Audrey Jaeger, Ph.D., Professor, Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor, and University Fellow
Co-Principal Investigators: Diane Chapman, Ed.D., Teaching Professor and Director of Faculty Development, James Bartlett, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Robert Templin, Ed.D., Professor of the Practice, Reynaldo Garcia, Ph.D., Professor of Practice of Community College Leadership
Sponsor: John M. Belk Endowment
Total Award: $10,863,040

Title: Improving Environmental Decision Making in Coastal Communities Through Giving Children a Voice
Summary:  This North Carolina Sea Grant-funded project focuses on building science literacy, civic engagement and coastal resilience among K-12 students. The project will run through early 2020.
Principal Investigator: Kathryn Stevenson, Ph.D.
Co-Principal Investigators: Sarah Carrier, Ph.D., Associate Professor; KC Busch, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Sponsor: N.C. Sea Grant
Total Award: $6,275

Title: N.C. Digital Learning Plan — Statewide Content, State Policies, and Continuous Improvement
Summary: This project supports the NC Digital Learning Plan related to statewide content, state policies, and continuous improvement activities authorized under Session Law 2016-94, Section 8.23.
Principal Investigator: Jeni Corn, Ph.D., Director of Evaluation Programs, Friday Institute
Co-Principal Investigators: A. Brooks Bowden, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Education Methods and Policy
Sponsor: N.C. Department of Public Instruction
Total Award: $545,893

Title: The Leadership in Blended and Digital Learning Program – Wyoming
Summary: The program prepares principals to plan and implement personalized learning in their schools. The program includes a five-session course with online and face to face components that will enable principals to experience personalized and digital learning as learners.
Principal Investigator: Mary Ann Wolf, Ph.D., Director of Digital Learning Programs
Sponsor: Wyoming Department of Education
Total Award: $40,058

Title: True Colors Training | Holly Springs Elementary
Summary: True Colors is a personality inventory designed to enable individuals to become aware of personality styles and understand the preferred learning styles of their team members.
Principal Investigator: Mary Ann Wolf, Ph.D., Director of Digital Learning Programs
Sponsor: Wake County Public School System
Total Award: $1,600

Title: Jackson County Public Schools: Ascent to College and Career Readiness through STEM and Digital Learning
Summary: The project provides participants in Jackson County Schools with exposure to digital assets that help prepare for college and careers using STEM and digital learning resources.
Principal Investigator: Emmy Coleman, Senior Research Scholar
Sponsor: Jackson County Public Schools
Total Award: $24,143

Title: Collaborative Research: Preparing to Teach Mathematics with Technology – Examining Student Practice
Summary: This is an IUSE Development and Implementation project that will address the documented need for undergraduate prospective secondary mathematics teachers (PSMTs) to possess strong technological pedagogical content knowledge needed to incorporate technology-based mathematics tasks in their future classroom
Principal Investigator: Hollylynne Lee, Ph.D., Professor, University Faculty Scholar and Faculty Fellow
Sponsor: National Science Foundation/Improving Undergraduate STEM Education
Total Award: $438,365

Title: Impact 2020: Supporting Sustainable Impact in Higher Education
Principal Investigator: Alyssa Rockenbach, Ph.D., Professor and Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor
Sponsor: Interfaith Youth Core
Total Award: $59,530

Title: N.C. Digital Learning Plan – Professional Learning
Summary: As part of the NC’s Digital Learning Program, this 2-year project focuses on providing ongoing, job embedded professional learning to district leadership teams, superintendents, school leaders and instructional coaches across the state. Using the cohort model, the emphasis is on team-building and developing the skills and readiness to plan, lead and implement district digital learning initiatives.
Principal Investigator: Mary Ann Wolf, Ph.D., Director of Digital Learning Programs
Co-Principal Investigators: Nancy Mangum and Theresa Gibson
Sponsor: N.C. Department of Public Instruction
Total Award: $464,339