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Meet Our Incoming Students: ‘I Have Always Loved Working With Children,’ Says Park Scholar Julia Murphy

Julia Murphy

This is part of a “Meet Our Incoming Students” series in which the College of Education will introduce some of its first-year, transfer and graduate students who will join us this fall.

Julia Murphy fell in love with NC State while attending Wolfpack football games with her parents, who are both alumni. Now, as a Park Scholar majoring in elementary education, she will have the opportunity to make her own path at NC State. 

Murphy has wanted to teach for as long as she can remember and, in the College of Education, she will have the opportunity to pursue her goals of championing innovation in the classroom, while leading by example and serving others.

Learn more about Julia Murphy:

Richmond Hill, Georgia

Elementary Education

Hobbies and Interests: Spending time with friends and family, traveling, cooking, watching movies.

Why did you choose NC State University and the NC State College of Education? 

I chose NC State, and specifically their College of Education, because their program is ranked as one of the best in the nation and teaches educators how to embrace diversity and inclusion in the classroom. Additionally, NC State has many unique opportunities that other universities don’t have, like the Students Advocating for Youth (SAY) Village and study abroad opportunities specific to education majors. However, the main reason I chose NC State was because the campus just felt like home. I remember going to a football game with my parents, who are alumni, and just falling in love with the school. NC State just had the right vibe and I could see myself being happy there for the next four years. Overall, NC State has everything that I need — a large campus feel; yet a close, supportive community; an exceptional education program and amazing opportunities to further my learning. 

Why did you choose your major? 

I have always loved working with children and have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. I chose elementary education specifically because I love the curiosity and desire for knowledge children have at this age. They want to be just like adults and relate to them in every way, which drives their yearning for understanding. Not only that, but they have so much love for school and their teachers. They can be so affectionate and appreciative, making thank-you cards, giving hugs and expressing in words how much they love you. 

What does it mean for you to be a Park Scholar? 

Being a Park Scholar means that I not only represent the Park program and NC State as a whole, but also my chosen profession. I will be a champion for education and innovation within my field while leading by example and serving others. I hope to honor this amazing opportunity by using my access to Park resources like the Leadership Academy, Park Enrichment Grants and relationships with former and current Park Scholars to become an educator who can positively impact others. 

What are you most looking forward to about this year?

I am most looking forward to a fresh start. I love the idea of moving into a new space, meeting new people and learning new things. I can’t wait to go to football games, get to know my hallmates and enjoy the freedom of living on my own. College is such a transformative time; I look forward to the experiences that are going to shape me into the person I’m meant to become. I’m excited to start this next chapter in my life and experience the opportunities that await me!

What inspired you to become a teacher and choose education? 

I’ve always loved school — understanding new and fascinating things, developing close relationships with my classmates and teachers and even getting new school supplies each year. My teachers were my biggest role models growing up and I wanted to be just like them. They were always there for me with a smile and a few words of encouragement. I want to have the same positive impact on the next generation that my teachers had on me. Unfortunately, children often face hardships in life — from their parents getting a divorce to living in poverty to having a parent be deployed. I hope to be a positive light in the lives of my students, someone they feel loves them and will be there for them. I’m beyond grateful for the teachers in my life and hope to give back by following in their footsteps.

Rafia Ansari is also an incoming elementary education major who is a Park Scholar. You can learn more about her and all incoming Park Scholars here